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  1. Just replying to get me 5 posts to vote:) Gin And maybe 1 more to be sure again, cause yesterday it still didnt work:(
  2. Recent patch changed it too 15 refined astrall glass. Confirmed by Bruzor ingame. Ginjasa And i need 5 posts to vote so here is another:P Maybe 1 more to be sure:)
  3. hi, are you referring to astralite, which refines into astral glass?
  4. Hi, I recently started a gold token mission for PW and i'm stuck at part 3. The mission is called "ammo fer kenlz", is a sidestep into agrippa mission. He is asking for 60 lvl IX sili cate? My problem is that i don't know how to continue this mission. Plz comment if you did this mission or have similar problem? Thx Ginjasa
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