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  1. I have 5 it still want let me vote,, maybe when i type this it will be 6 and recheck it
  2. I have done the mission with my PP to get the reactor print.. The only problem I had with the mission was to guess the password at the mordona tabernackle, other than that is was fun////Im going to do the mission with my TS next because of his maxed engine builds. Enjoy the game I do!!!!!!!!
  3. they give you the prints when u finish the mission look at your mission log make sure its fisnish and if it is go to the manufactoring terminal to check and i did they gave the 3 engine buleprints the lvl 7, 8 and 9.
  4. the mission starts with silvia at swooping eagle planet. Do everything he says and the weapons builder says.... You will be going back to the weapons builder for 2 more missions. to get the 2 beams you will have to print them your self so make sure you have the highest over rides to help you get the 2 prints....good luck and enjoy..
  5. I done the mission at level 150 and did not have any problems I recieved my 3 blue prints with maxed build engine skills I hope you have no problems Just follow your mission log,, Enjoy
  6. Under account forum name Blazersmoke53 there are about 7 characters but I still have another account that is not linked. The game log in name is blazersmoke53 and under that log in name there are 3 character blazersTS , blazsersJS and blazersTE. I do not remember the forum account name or email address because i have about 4 or 5 of them.I tried to look at old emails to find the activation of the account but no luck. Even look on forum members did not see the name so i do not know what happened....But you can tell that they are my accounts by the ip address and the name of the characters. They all start with Blazer except for debb . Thanks for the help and god bless
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