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Odd Warp Paths

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Do you see that huge, circular gap in the navs of Akeron's Gate? There is a storyline reason for it. Check it out if you are interested. This may be why the nav-pathing in that particular sector is such.

My nav-pathing complaint is focused on New Edinburgh sector.

From Cartography at NET-7 SOL, this is the Pakkrat.
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Going thru Aragoth Prime, lvl 4 navigation device is better than lvl 6, used on same toon. lvl 4 gives a better run below the station, lvl 6 goes above the station making 1 extra nav point to fly by

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JE with L5 Navigate warping from the Jupiter weft to Jove's Fury takes a longer path than normal (goes down the mining navs then back to the normal route)


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While it may seem odd from a distance to point aspect mathematically it makes sense (besides the issues of having gravity wells which is the reason in some sectors for the huge deadspaces and nav points going in circular paths).



Just look at the OPs example and knowing that the the math in the game for nav pathing maps along the nearest points to the end point and it makes sense. If you measure the distances you will see the nearest point is not the gate but the nav point and that is the reason.


So if you understand that the math in game looks for the nearest nav point and not the most direct then you can understand why. The devices and skills for nav pathing do not chnage how the math works for mapping paths in the game they just change the distance tolerences.


Then when mapping the program is being told that when mapping nav points and the nav points are closer that X distance you can skip to the next nav point mapped. When you upgrade the device or skill all that is doing is letting the program know you can increase the "skip" distance some more.


Look at Xulei's example as well:


If you look at the map and skipping done by the math in game the path down the mining route makes a more direct route but the problem is the 3rd nav point. If you measure the distance between that point and Joves and the other nav points you will see they are closer than Jove's. That plus the fact the distance tolerence to skip was mostly likely at the max limit to skip then it starts to make sense why the nav points were plotted they way they were.


That is why thankfully you can Free Warp and also use devices that give you long ranges of free warping without draining the reactor.

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