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  1. considering it was ea your probably still waiting for a response :D
  2. Magoo ? did you try to log on all your toons at the same time again ?
  3. Where is this new patch to fix XP SP3  ? has it been released yet  ?   update : just clicked Debug Launch on the launcher and now I can get in no problem .... hmm   I cannot find any update for the launcher and it does not come up automatically
  4. This drives me a little insane.good thing we can free warp.[attachment=2842:ScreenShot26.jpg]
  5. it's 9:36 PM Pacific  did we just crash ?
  6. Yep Server failed to log-in to sector   D'oh
  7. Ok  This is simply not acceptable.   I'm from Canada and speaking for all of North America we are getting sick and tired of everything being handed to us on a silver platter ( with GOLD Trim) from you people on the wrong side of the ocean. Just put the times back to normal , All of you Devs will just have to suck it up and say goodbye to your lives (wives and children if need be) and work harder on this free game.     :D :D :D :D   PS:   Do what you need to do. You folks are doing a great job.
  8. Beta disc's with boxes and map retail disc's with box and map Prima guide No T-shirt's
  9. I want everything right now and I dont want to have to do anything to get it! I believe this is what you were trying to say.
  10. I think he needs to "bring me a Shrubbery" for punishment.
  11. Are you supposed to cut the Blue wire or the Red wire ???
  12. Nope not just you,I was logged in last night and everything was good,now it just gives the inv-300 error. Server shows online with 168 players,but I get nothing
  13. Sorry CDel the INV-300 error is back again!!! tried logging in and thats the error I get,was logged in last night no problems.
  14. Haven't you people ever heard of concrete ? Much better than sand imho
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