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Server needs a population boost

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Ok every one loves the server and the hard work the devs have provided, but some thing needs to be done to the balance of the server the population has dropped dramatically. A year ago or so we'd see 500+ players on at peak hours i've actually seen 800 before. Now prime time is about 230.... We all knew from the STs' that the fun would be over no more easy mode but we didn't realize that it would be nerfed completely, i mean all that were down for reworking all their toons after the wipe/s saw grouping/jobs xp nerfed so hard it was tough lots still willing to deal non the less. But in efforts to maybe stop multiboxers from leveling too fast you need to have a 6 man group to make up for the xp hit while grouped with only a couple, making combat groups worthless and tours the new thing. Promoting solo play even more, through all this up hill battle the light at the end of the tunnel is weak, the raids are scaled for too many people back in ST2 it was discussed that raids would be population appropriate so far its only proprietary to 3 larger guilds and not enough left over for public to form raids due to needing too many in the raid to complete it (and good non raid gear thats not dropping enough). I see people in market begging for low level printable gear for days, where a year ago there was so many on it would take minutes for that item to be sold or given to them. No one wants to listen to this only flame and kiss the devs butts for making the server possible, but if we don't make the server fun it won't last. Who wants to come home from work to play a game thats like a second job with little payout? Like i said in guild chat it should be challenging yet not world of warcraft easy but yet its lost its fun.....again like during live we all cry about live days but for all of those that were there for the whole 2 years at the end we were bored of the game. EA dropped the ball on content now its a little different Net-7 seems to just want to suck the fun out of the game and when you have to kill the boss in VG (Sagut and Bison actually killed both of them on 3 diff toons dozens of times and gotten x1 L8 slime shield and x1 slime ball!!!! lol) to get the L7 ooze shield to drop 20 times and all you've gotten is trash loot then the response is "working as intended" so its intended to be void of fun and fruitless? Lets fix this or its doomed for failure :(

I expect to hear lots of hate for this from members and from the devs, that they put the game back on deal with it as is.

The games second chance is going down the drain some one plug that drain!!!! lol

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I played less frequently the past few weeks, because of lag and loss of connection. [and I am a TS to boot].  I don't know if Kyp and crew can solve the lag/logged out problem, but until then, it is hard to keep the population like it was a few months ago.


I know I am in the minority as I play solo and Multiboxed because of my frequent AFK obligations.  But recently, I have had toons losing connection on its own, (form of 6 toons, and out of the blue, one of them is no longer responsive).


I think the utmost importance currently is to address the stability of the game.


WIth that said, I try to log in every week especially after Tuesday patch to see if the problems have been fixed.

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The proxy code / server code is running again in the state "pre gate-cache patch 28. May" (since two weeks), so the problems we had originating from these patches are basically reverted/eliminated.


Whenever we/you experience remaining problems, it shouldn't be the server - and tbh i think it's very likely caused by the bad quality of the lines from/to the USA currently, which we cannot change.


I personally think that all of the USA infrastructure is currently under "load" (attack?), seeing large parts of the world being very upset about PRISM & Co, so all the "hate" (attacks, flooding etc) is directed to the "axis of the evil" these days.


You can verify this yourself by looking at the network load monitor (real time) showing the USA under constant load all over the place.

You will easily see that almost the complete north american continent is suffering from 100% (and more) overload on almost every backbone:





You can also see that eg. Germany/Frankfurt -> USA/Denver has a packet loss rate of 66%(!!!) in this very second (time of writing this posting).

For instance, L.A. to NYC is currently 4% packet loss - but note that already ONE lost packet can cause the funniest effects in the game!



Since most attacks are using UDP/ICMP packets, the providers are doing one thing first to reduce the network load: Throttling down UDP bandwith....bad that almost every game is running on UDP - which is the reason why so many people are experiencing all the "weirdness" ingame these days  ;)

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Two things:


1) punctuation.jpg


2) Suggestions will help, hating on what you don't like is well and good but things go in this order:


a) Stability

B) high/medium bug & exploit fixes

c) new content and cool stuff to do.


Hope this helps in regards to how to approach your problems more clearly. Giving us examples of how other people (or games) had it easy or hard isn't useful, talking about the encounter, what you think makes it too hard, and what you might expect from it instead is much more so.

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Yesterdays around 5:00PM EST was inside one and one's network. I didn't have enough time to complete my own tests before a duce (drunk driver) managed to take out the Internetz for our area by hitting a light pole. (Comcast in municipalities typically follows the power lines)        < Some      < Where it really started
ae-10.bb-c.slr.lxa.us.oneandone.net  < Where PL hit over 34% loss

The 6 hops above were all at zero loss. (I'll also post this in the other thread.)





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