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Please do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only.




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12 minutes ago, Zouk said:

Man I spent the last day or so leveling to 39... I hope it is not a roll back. ;)

o gosh...I just made L130-140 in about 3 days.  I HOPE it is not a roll back.😢

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6 minutes ago, Xiaolinmantis said:

6 hours and counting... geez this blows. Come on guys.. just let us know that you know about it..   🙂


*begins having beta flashbacks*

Got home from work, begins to login..... server down... 

check it in 5 mins... still down...

check it again.... still down...

Ok wait 15 mins, still down...

check every 15 mins, still down...

6 hours + passes, still checking every 15 min, server still down, no reasons given....

flashback to present, realizes in reality still has no life several decades later.  Thank gods I have other games to occupy self WHILE clicking every 15 mins to see if server is up.  LOL!

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21 minutes ago, bespoke said:

It's totally my fault - I just got back into EnB this week, so of course the server has to go down when I have my first big block of time to play. I'm sorry.


I thought the same of myself.

Came back this week and even convinced my wife to start playing EnB. This was too much for the poor server ;)

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This is the server status thread and not for discussing or posting irrelevant comments.

A single "server down" is enough.


I once had this thread on notify and got a notifyer mail every time someone posted here.

I asked more than once to NOT babble here because i got alerts in the night time ( i am in the GMT+1 time zone).


Sometimes i finally cancelled the subscription to this thread, this is why i got no alerts anymore.

The result is what you have seen today: No1 is monitoring here anymore and the server remains offline for multiple hours.


I am restarting the server soon.





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