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  1. Found a few minutes ago, Thank you Wood
  2. Some triggers are not spawning in game for the last 6-7 days ( Red dragon Base, Controller, Gobb ) also warder is not spawning too
  3. where should i post it then? Can you help?
  4. Most of the raid triggers are not working, Red dragon base, Controller, Gobb, also celestial warder that i noticed as well, for about 6-7 days already on all of them
  5. Not just the login server is down, but also Net-7.org is also down
  6. OK then, i am playing Star Wars Galaxies, lol Pre Combat Update, very very cool OK then, i am playing Star Wars Galaxies, lol Pre Combat Update, very very cool
  7. Any idea when it will be on again?
  8. I am stuck in traders fort ( ragnarok ) when i do try to leave the station my screen freeze, is Ragnarok down? can someone move my chars to another sector?
  9. hehe, find a way to bring my characters back and i will donate the 500 to this month
  10. Gwenia


    every time i try to log in i get kicked, :/
  11. Gwenia


    Still crashing to desktop after password
  12. Gwenia


    well, im trying everything to log in, but after password im crashing to desktop
  13. Is there any way to log 2 games in the same computer? someone told me just set all .EXE into run as administrator, but its not working yet
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