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  1. Same. Connection to global server failed.
  2. Hello all, Yes the workaround is not ideal but it works temporarily until the certificate issue is resolved. As for the security implications. Most definitely it is a "no no!" That being said... As Yeti pointed out. Definitely re-enable when you are done and simply try logging into the game with the proper settings enabled every time until it starts working again. The setting I pointed out should definitely not be considered a regular everyday setting!!!
  3. Found this in an old post and it worked: If you still experience the same problem then see if this fixes your problem: Open Control Panel Click on Network and Internet Click on Network and Sharing Center In the bottom left, click on Internet Options Click on the Advanced tab Scroll down in that tab until you see the Security section In this section, please uncheck "Check for server certificate revocation" then hit Apply.
  4. one of the devs will hopefully try to logon soon and notice. Patience is a virtue, right?.... RIGHT?!?!?! 🙂
  5. Wow. Shows how long it's been since I last logged in. Apparently the guild was wiped. Doubtful there will be any old members available at the same time to rebuild it. If I can I will but we'll see.
  6. Man, I have had a crapload of projects at work. I barely get time to keep my blasted client updated. As to your question about past members.... Original guild leader was Athloner Meme/Flounder (his wife) Inya Randybaby Gregor/Mantora Galyka (My wife) Fosters (recruited me) Teuk Sparkiticus Bluewiz (and every other Wiz) Tedbear Barter - Our long lost member who died. His son took over his account until sunset. Galspan Flipflop Raykor Qatani Tanzzia Mota Vanzant Rene I'll post more as I remember them but if you really want a blast from the warlords past.... check out this link. I honestly can't believe it's still up. [url="http://www.angelfire.com/games5/warlords/"]http://www.angelfire...ames5/warlords/[/url] There was an updated site but I've been through several reloads since then and I really doubt if it still exists anyway except perhaps in the internet archives. Editing seems to change the format some.
  7. As interesting as the mob damage conversation is, I'm pretty sure this topic was supposed to be about auto-reg. I guess we're all basically looking for the simple answers: 1. Is this a permanent change? 2. If it is permanent, will it become optional or strictly enforced from here on out? I know I'm hoping for optional myself as are many others. I won't BS my way through saying stuff like "I played for this long and I remember!!!" Frankly, it was a long time ago and many changes were made while I played. As to what or when they were? Well, I've slept since then. I'm hoping for the optional but I'm not gonna stop playing if it becomes permanent. I'll just be a little less likely to build my JD back up... or maybe just use the points for something else on him. Like missiles?
  8. I do remember auto reg being there at some point but I do think it was taken out eventually. Or possibly brought in and then removed again. It does somewhat defeat the purpose of the JD return to base skill. I do remember times when members of our guild would get together to do FB, or just go hunting in Cooper in general, that those who needed ammo would stop at OMP but then when we were done, the JD of the group(which I was a lot of the time) would send everybody back to where they had come from. This was generally not OMP. When it was put into the game(or possibly removed), I don't know but I do remember it being there and wishing that it wasn't.
  9. Warlords was one of the oldest and largest guilds on Pegasus server. We were and are a fun-loving guild. 1. Recruiting restrictions-- There are none. We are an open guild. 2. Expectations of Members-- Have fun and help each other when and if you can. 3. Conduct Requirements-- Do not be rude to fellow members or members of other guilds. Golden rules guys. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 4. Guild Play Requirements-- We are a casual guild. Refer to rule #2. Many of us are busy with real life and simply can't play all day everyday (as much as we'd like to). If you want to join our guild, simply message me here or send any of us a tell in game. Anyone wearing the Warlords moniker should be able to invite you. If they can't, they'll be happy to find someone who can. Have fun and happy hunting everyone.
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