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  1. I thought the same of myself. Came back this week and even convinced my wife to start playing EnB. This was too much for the poor server
  2. Saturday morning.... I can't sleep. Dunno why. But now it is clear: EnB is down! WHaaaaaaaa
  3. Ahhh, ok. Big Thx for the insanly quick answer. Then i can stop reinstalling and reinistalling again at least I will..... damn, what will i do now? Anyway, will try again later. Have a nice day KK
  4. Good evening, i have serious problem, which drives me crazy I installed the Game from the scratch with net7 1.8.1. When i start Net7 now, he starts to patch but after a few seconds brings up the Error "Update failed.Downloaded file is invalid.Please restart launcher and repatch files. "File xxx\...\Earth&Beyondc:\Program files\...\gpl.txt" Even after installing several Net Frameworks (now running with 4.0), reinstalling all software and everything else gthinkable to me, he won't go beyond this point Any ideas? Thx in advance KK
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