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Ore Field Maps / Lists / Databases ?

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[size=4][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]New player here, with a "newbie" miner question:

Are there any maps, lists, and/or databases out there that specifically chart ore field locations, complete with levels/types of resources?
[i]S[/i]omething like this:
AsteroidBeltBeta -> 50km north of Nav 2 - > Hydrocarbon roids levels 2-4 & Crystalline roids levels 1-3

I'm not looking/fishing for very high-end (valuable) ore hiding places - more a simple listing of all the mundane stuff that is generally out in the open and accessible to everyone passing a nav point.
I had the idea of an ongoing personal project to explore the game universe and make a spreadsheet of every system, complete with ore field locations and resource data like my above example.
However, if this has already been done - or has at least been started, i'd like to save myself a lot of time noting fields that are already public.

Thanks in advance for any information![/font][/size] Edited by Cygnus_7
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Yes and No.....
Nothing current.

Isometric used to have a map of mobs and ores. Was kinda accurate.
His site is now closed but I was able to retain this source of the enb maps. Wondering how much work it would be to start updating. it.
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I took Xanis's list above and put into a Google spreadsheet.  It should be editable by anyone who has this link:




Maybe we can start a collaborative effort to keep it up to date.

I'll start working on it as soon as I get home.

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The old claimjumper.info website from ENB's Live era (2002-2004) is available on the Internet Archive's 'Wayback Machine" website, at




Out of date for sure, but you never know, there might still be something of use in there perhaps!



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