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  1. I've had some decent success with it.    For the executable, point it at Net-7\bin\net7proxy.exe In the Parameters box, put: /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"c:\path\to\enb\client.exe" /POPT /EXREORDER /DML
  2. I'll start working on it as soon as I get home.
  3. I think it's because PS's class specific devices don't work like Atrophy. What's the point in playing a PS when its support devices/skills don't work? It'd be like playing a jenquai explorer or seeker if they couldn't boost reactor recharges or improve/reduce scan rating with their devices. It's kinda sad really.
  4. So Daath did a really decent base startup setup there for the Jenquarum... anyone have any advice for either terran or progen equipment for raiding?
  5. Here's the thing with public raids... you want to change the rules? Host them.
  6. Nothing is wrong with having to post 5 times to vote... That shows you have contributed at least something on the forums thus you are able to vote on the forums. I don't see an issue with it.
  7. I started a little yesterday and completed a full round today and I'm already noticing a minor improvement... I'm hoping the trend continues. I just can't afford to go to the doctor/chiro. I have days where it was hard to get out of bed without serious pain meds.
  8. This is exactly the thing I needed to be shown! Hoping it kills my back pain I'm going to start today. Thanks!
  9. Beams should be a respectable choice but not the only one. I think you're right there may be a change down the road but it shouldn't be as drastic as it was. But it shouldn't be so minor that people just build millions of high end ammo and shoot it willy nilly.
  10. I don't know 900,000 seems a little much for ammo even so. Besides wasn't just the price of ore to be changed? Not manufacturing costs?
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