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  1. Hi all,   I just completed the (JE) mission on Paren Station from Ayako Ravenlock called "Seeking the Key". According to some of the online guides I've read about the quest, it's supposed to result in me receiving an "Ancient Device", which is a device that boosts scan range 25% and allows the discovery of cloaked ships. However, upon completion, all I received was a new quest "Unlocking Mondara" and the quest item that goes with it. Also, I still have the Mazzeroth Key.   My question is, has the quest changed on this EMU server to where the Ancient Device is no longer awarded at the end of "Seeking the Key"? Or, did I make an error somehow in the "Seeking the Key" mission?   Thanks in advance for any clarification!
  2. [size=4][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]New player here, with a "newbie" miner question: Are there any maps, lists, and/or databases out there that specifically chart ore field locations, complete with levels/types of resources? [i]S[/i]omething like this: AsteroidBeltBeta -> 50km north of Nav 2 - > Hydrocarbon roids levels 2-4 & Crystalline roids levels 1-3 I'm not looking/fishing for very high-end (valuable) ore hiding places - more a simple listing of all the mundane stuff that is generally out in the open and accessible to everyone passing a nav point. I had the idea of an ongoing personal project to explore the game universe and make a spreadsheet of every system, complete with ore field locations and resource data like my above example. However, if this has already been done - or has at least been started, i'd like to save myself a lot of time noting fields that are already public. Thanks in advance for any information![/font][/size]
  3. [quote name='Savanna' timestamp='1316499768' post='46376'] Ok, I had the IT guy open those ports up for me and it still doesn't work. When I launch the launcher, it checks if sunrise.net-7.org is up and it says offline. Lock ports is checked, those ports are open (not sure about UDP...should I ask?). I can ping sunrise.net-7.org just fine and get a reply, but the launcher doesn't see it. I'm not exactly sure what's wrong at this point. It works great from home, I've been playing the last two nights in a row. But from work, there doesn't seem to be a way to reach it at all. Any suggestions would be welcome. =) [/quote] Not sure if this will help, but originally, E&B also used the following ports: Port 21 - Patcher Port 80 - Client Port 443 - Account Login Port 3805 - Worldserver Login Ports 3000-4000 - Gameplay However, with your "lock ports" option ticked, I would imagine these ports above are not used anyway. Other ideas: If you have "packet optimization" checked in the launcher window, UN-check it. Your ISP/network may not support the larger packets. Perhaps you're behind a firewall (or firewalls) at work that are preventing your access? Are you on a Win7 system? If so, are you installing/running the launcher as an administrator? Good luck, hope you can get things resolved.
  4. Thanks for the clarification HellHas, much appreciated!
  5. [quote name='HellHas' timestamp='1315325926' post='45780'] Beam - 1 (default) Missile - 0 Projectile - Max Enrage - 1 Gravity Link - to 5 Repair Equipment - 1 Self Destruct - 1 Shield Inversion - 7 for faction grinding then cf back if you need the sp's Shield Sap - 7 Combat Trance - 7 Critical Strike - 7 Damage Control - 7 Build Weapons - 7 Device Tech - max Engine Tech - max Reactor Tech - Max Shield Tech - Max Thats basically how I have my PW... [/quote] Thanks for the setup advice HellHas! Though, according to the sunrise character planner (http://tun0.com/enb/index.htm) there aren't enough skill points to make that setup - even with Shield Inversion CF'd to 1. What skills marked "max" can I scale back on to save points? Also, is Shield Inversion only good for leveling, and then I can CF it back safely at L150? Does it become useless at L150?
  6. Hi all: I currently have a WinXP notebook computer running E&B through a wireless router. The entire game runs flawlessly, except for one glitch: my client hangs/freezes at the loading screen about 50% of the time when docking or undocking my ship. I've tried various combinations of "Lock Port", "Prototype Reorder", and "Packet Optimization". None of the various combinations of those settings seems to affect the results at all. I keep reading/hearing about how E&B uses UDP network protocol, and it also uses various ports between the 3000 and 4000 range to load various areas in the game. I'm wondering if I need to "port forward" the various E&B ports in my wireless router - as I have a suspicion that my client hanging/freezing might be because the game client is suffering the occasional blocked port. Now, i'm network stupid. Seriously, I barely know how to set up my own wireless router. My first attempt to open my ports was this: I created a rule in my wireless port forwarding configuration to forward the following ports via UDP: (21, 80, 443, 3000-4000). I forwarded these to my computer's IP, which was Now, what happened is I lost all internet connectivity. Wonderful. When I disabled the rule I created, everything went back to normal. So, obviously I did something terribly wrong! If anyone can troubleshoot what I did wrong in my port forwarding effort, or other possible solutions to my game hanging/freezing, I would be MOST appreciative! Thanks in advance.
  7. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1315239008' post='45724'] If you're looking for 100% combat oriented, PW is the way to go. They're the toughest, and have the most abilty to dish out damage over time. PWs are welcome in groups, and can fight solo. The PT is also quite good at solo & group combat and can recharge shields, it doesn't have the HDC of the PW, but it has 5 weapons, 4 devices, L5 Critical targeting, L5 Menace, and has 4 build skills including Build Reactors (a JE/JT cannot build Progen Reactors). The PT is due to get at least 1 more skill, as they're short one. What said skill will be is currently unknown. As the PT wasn't around in Live there is little equipment specifically designed for him, but PT can fight well on existing equipment. You will need the char & starship creator to use any of the 3 classes not in Live (Progen Privateer, Terran Scout, Jenquai Seeker) Instructions can be found at the link below. [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/714-install-enb-from-scratch-instructions-rev-7222010/"]Install from scratch, plus new classes info.[/url] The Sentinel can also fight effectively solo or in groups. and is the best explorer at combat, it's weakness is that it uses ammo but cannot build it's own. In terms of combat ability the Progen rank, Warrior > Privateer > Sentinel. Hopefully that would help you with your pick. [/quote] Thanks a ton for the great info Terrell, I think the Warrior is certainly the Progen class I'm most interested in playing. As for skills, what would you (and anyone else) recommend in terms of minimum/maximum for a solo, self-reliant PW? Since I don't have any end-game experience, I hoping for a template or goal from a veteran so I don't "screw up my skills" as I level. Beam - 1 (default) Missile - 0 Projectile - Max? Enrage - ? Gravity Link - ? Repair Equipment - ? Self Destruct - ? Shield Inversion - ? Shield Sap - ? Combat Trance - ? Critical Strike - ? Damage Control - ? Build Weapons - ? Device Tech - ? Engine Tech - ? Reactor Tech - Max? Shield Tech - Max? Thanks again for the help!
  8. Hi all - newbie E&B player here. I'm currently leveling up a TT and a PE - and am also looking to round out my fleet with a Progen Warrior or Sentinel as well. Fortunately, there are some AMAZING guides written by "Spektyr" (http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/community/coolstuff/) for the TT and JE classes which have fantastic in-depth skill descriptions, recommendations, and end-game experienced comparisons. As for the Progens, well, I can't find anything useful! I've scoured the internet looking for player guides, skill guides, forum posts, etc., to help, but keep coming up empty! The only thing I've found is a copy of the Prima Strategy Guide - but that guide came out near release for the original E&B, and has VERY little practical/end-game/experienced data on what skills to take to what level, and WHY. [b]Does anyone have a link to more in-depth guides for Progen Warrior/Sentinel skills that I can refer to?[/b] Again, since i'm an E&B "newbie", it's a HUGE help to read about what skills are a waste of time, what skills only need a couple points to be useful, and what skills are absolutely critical (and why, of course). If it helps, here's a bit more info: - I already have a TT to build weapons/shields/devices and a JE to mine & build reactors - I'll be playing this PW/PS 95% solo, and 5% grouped - I'm looking for a class that is 100% (solo) combat-oriented, since I already have the explorer and trader genres taken care of - I'm new to the E&B world, never played live Thanks in advance for any links/advice you folks can provide!
  9. Hello all! I'm also having the same problem. I have tried re-sending the validation email, but that also is not working. If Blacklung (or any available Admins) could also manually validate my account, I would be MOST grateful! Thanks in advance! EDIT: [FIXED] THANK YOU Blacklung!
  10. Hi all; new E&B player here, and new to the forums. I've been playing my first character, a JE for several days now flawlessly. I decided to make a TT on another account, and found a framerate bug in the character creation process. I normally run a temperature-monitoring program when I play games, and so far my GPU has ran at a cool 38C-44C during my E&B adventures as a JE. It has never gone beyond 44C, even after extended hours of play flying around in traffic-heavy newbie areas. However - when I got to the "customize face/body" step of the character creation process for my TT, my GPU temp started rising incredibly fast. My onboard fans kicked into high, and the last temp I saw was around 71C before my system shut itself down to prevent damage. (Yikes.) I let it cool down for a few hours, and logged into my JE again - and everything was back to normal. This type of bug has happened with other (older) games in the past. When newer hardware is running older games, and the older games don't have a built-in framerate limit, the new hardware can skyrocket the FPS - thereby burning out the GPU. I have not attempted to re-create the bug, for fear of damage to my system. It's odd that creating my JE had no issue at all, but creating the TT almost instantly-overheated my GPU. [b]I am wondering if there is any way in the E&B client .ini files (or otherwise) to set a max framerate value?[/b] I was not running any other background processes during play, and have tried multiple games since then to see if it was my hardware/software settings - but everything else seems to run just fine. I was also not playing extended hours when I made the TT, it was shortly after powering up my system, so it was still "cool" and not under load. [b]My system specs[/b]: WindowsXP Pro SP3 Intel Core2 T7200 @ 2.00GHz 2.0GHZ RAM Nvidia GeForce Go 7950GTX 512MB [b]My E&B video settings[/b]: 1600x1024 (windowed mode) 32bit CD Bilienar filtering Thanks in advance for any advice!
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