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  1. Is there a way to find items / recipes that are rewards for completing missions?  I stumbled across the mission chain for the Shooting Star reactor line and realized I would have no way of ever knowing that the recipes came from missions.  There should be some sort of flag or notice in the database that you can search/filter for, to get items that are only acquirable through missions.   I realize that these items say "This item does not drop" in the database, but I think some raid items are the same way, so it's not entirely accurate... and I don't think you can search for that anyway.   (I'm posting this as a suggestion because I haven't found a way to search for it yet.  If it already exists, my apologies, and please enlighten me.)
  2. Overall I think the Emulator Devs have tried very hard to make the game resemble the original as closely as possible.  I'm sure there are countless tweaks that have been made, and some things that just can't be replicated due to lack of first-hand knowledge of the original code.  But overall the game has the feel of the original, for sure.
  3. Thanks all for confirming what I heard, regarding the animation having to do with the time since the field was cleared last, and for the additional pop rock info as well!
  4. Often while mining, I will see asteroids give off a sparkling / glowing animation.  I heard someone mention in-game that they type of sparkle is an indication of how long it has been since the field was fully cleared, and therefore an indication of the bonus XP you will get for clearing the field.  I wanted to know 1) is that true, and 2) if so, does anyone know what the various types of animations stand for.  I think I have seen at least 5 types: green circular large explosion, yellow-orange sparkles, and red-purple small explosion, small blue inward moving sparkles, bright white flashing asteroid.
  5. I think he's saying he would like to be able to do this per character.  Currently the "I can't build" works like this, I think. Character 1 builds Item X. Character 2 builds Item Y. The "I can't build" search won't return either item, because one of my characters builds each. But if he's looking for a list of items that Character 1 can't build, he won't see Item Y in his search because Character 2 builds it.
  6. Thanks all for the kind posts.  If / when I decide to tackle Agrippa I'll see if I have the patience to track my progress on that again.
  7. To be honest, I didn't know there were different degrees of difficulty within the same level of item.  If that means I still have more grinding to do, I think I may cry.  I thought I was done.
  8. I wanted to follow up my earlier questions with some data from my experience.  I finally got my TT to build 200% level 9 items, by building approximately 2,400 White Dragonfly M1 missile launchers.  I chose this item to build pretty much at random, and because it was easy to find at the bottom of my build list at the terminal.  I assume any other lv1 item works just as well.  This was done on my lv150 TT with lv9 Build Weapons skill, at Earth Station with 8553 EarthCorp Warriors faction.   In order to check my progress, every 5 rounds of builds/dismantles, I would check my build % range for a lv9 Most Terrific ML Class Z3 (with both the lv8 launcher and the lv9 component being 100% items).   In general, I found that my expected quality went up ~5% - 6% for every ~200 lv1 launchers I built.  It seemed to flatten out a little towards the end though.     Table of Results   Rounds of Builds         Total Builds                     Expected Quality % Variation  & Dismantles of           & Dismantles of               of Most Terriffic ML  White Dragonfly M1*   White Dragonfly M1**      Class Z3*** 2****                             74                                   137 - 144 5                                  185                                 140 - 148 10                                370                                 146 - 153 15                                555                                 152 - 156 20                                740                                 158 - 166 25                                925                                 163 - 170 30                               1110                                168 - 176 35                               1295                                174 - 181 40                               1480                                179 - 187 45                               1665                                185 - 192 50                               1850                                190 - 198 55                               2035                                194 - 200 60                               2220                                197 - 200 65                               2405                                200   * Each round of builds was 37 missile launchers (40 cargo spaces - 3 spaces for the components). ** Total builds = # in column A * 37. *** Clicking the item to be built multiple times reshuffles the expected quality range. This is the highest and lowest I saw each go through. **** I started counting after 2 full rounds of 37 launchers.   Component Recovery The White Dragonfly M1 has the following components:  Proton Shielded Shell, Turbo2 Simplex MLS, Standard Launcher Tube.  That is the order they appear from left to right in the Analyse / Dismantle window.  Below is a table of how many of each part I had to purchase, and how many I ended up with after 2,400 builds.   Part Bought Ended With Proton Shielded Shell 240 236 Turbo2 Simplex MLS 480 27 Standard Launcher Tube 580 91   My 4 losses of the Proton Shielded Shell occurred during a particularly bad lag spike where I lost the missile launcher being built.  So I believe my recovery of that item should have been 100%.  If we assume you always recover at least 1 item, I can think of two reasons why the Proton Shielded Shell was always recovered: 1. It is the left-most item in the Analyse / Dismantle window, or 2. It is the most expensive of the 3 items that could be recovered.   My approximate total cost for this venture, after selling back extra components, was approximately 6 million credits.   Sub-200% Builds of lv1 Weapons Another thing that I noticed was that even though my Build window said I would always build 200% White Dragonfly M1's, I still occasionally built launchers below 200%.  They ranged from 196% - 199%. Over the course of 2,400 builds, I built 41 of these sub-200% launchers, which comes out to about 1.7% of the time.  Anecdotally, they continued to happen over the entire course of my builds (i.e. they did not decrease in frequency as my lv9 build skill percentage increased).  So it looks like no matter your skill level and expected build %, there is always the chance for a sub-200% build.
  9. Is it possible to macro this?  Well, I guess it's possible, but is it acceptable / tolerated / etc?   I'm about 1k builds/dismantles into this process, and damn it's boring.  Effective and worth it (IMO), but boring.     -EDIT- To answer my own question, please see Rules of the game.  
  10. Thanks Hobbs, excellent info.   This begs the question, does anyone have a specific recommendation for print to use?  Anything outstandingly cheap, or maybe with fewer components?
  11. I've been reading through this thread, and when talking about building 1000's of low level items, people have repeatedly mentioned crossbows.  Is there a particular reason?  They start at lv2.  Wouldn't a lv1 weapon be cheaper to use?  Or am I missing something?
  12. Just to contribute my own info to my question, just got 1-shot by a lv9 roid with lv7 shields.
  13. So as an example, at what shield level are you generally comfortable popping lv9 roids?  I can definitively say that lv6 shields are too soft, even from max distance.  A lv9 exploding roid will take out my shields and hull fully (1 hull upgrade below max).  Do lv7 shields generally cover it (again from max prospecting distance) or do you have to wait for lv8?
  14. After having recently been blown up by a pop-roid, I began to wonder whether the damage from the explosive-type of pop-roid can be mitigated / reduced.  Does anyone know what type of damage they do when they go boom?  I assume it's explosive.  If so, does explosive resistance help reduce the damage?   Also, will an explosive pop-roid always insta-kill you, or will a higher shield cap help as well?   Thanks.
  15. I took Xanis's list above and put into a Google spreadsheet.  It should be editable by anyone who has this link:   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArOguGKAlRmcdEtIZHd5ZVFlTW9rOFZFREdrQ1Y1VHc&usp=sharing   Maybe we can start a collaborative effort to keep it up to date.
  16. To answer my own question, and for general community knowledge, it looks like most (maybe all) of the settings I was looking for are contained in the following directory:   EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Data\client\output   If there is somewhere else I should be looking, please let me know.
  17. I play E&B from multiple PC's.  It would be nice to be able to keep my settings consistent between all of my machines (keybindings, graphics, buttons, etc.).  Can anyone tell me which files I would have to copy from one machine to the others?   Thank you.
  18. Just wanted to update that through some combination of following FAQs, guides, and other forum posts, I managed to get it working.  Not sure exactly what the final issue was, but at least I'm in.  Thank you all for your responses.
  19. Windows Firewall is set to OFF. Microsoft Security Essentials is the only AV and I set it to Disabled for now.   Still no luck. :( Still comes back with [Sorry, Your login does not appear to be valid. Try again using the default launcher ;).]
  20. Thank you all for your suggestions.  At this time I still cannot log in.   To Spa: Yes, I have a game account.  Two actually, neither of which are letting me log in.   To Zackman: I followed the instructions at http://www.net-7.org/ under Main --> FAQ --> Game play and Issues --> How Do I Get The Game section.  I just uninstalled and did a fresh install this morning. Same results.  If there is a different set of instructions I should be following, please let me know.  I do not see anything in those instructions about host file modification.   Regarding installing a certificate, if I click Help --> Check Certificate in LaunchNet7, the popup says [Certificate for "sunrise.net-7.org" is not valid or installed.  Install certificate now?].  Clicking OK, after several seconds I receive the message [Could not check ssl certificate status.  Details: the operation has timed out].
  21. Yes.  I have a forum account here obviously :) and also an account at http://www.net-7.org/   I even created a second game account and tried logging in using that, but still get that same error message.
  22. I'm pretty sure I went through any activation emails I received.   I reset my password and managed to get myself to the point where I hit Accept to login and get the following error message:   Sorry your login does note appear to be valid.  Try again using the default launcher;.   The game closes after I hit OK.
  23. Hello.  I am trying to run the E&B emulator for the first time.  The LaunchNet7 app seems to work correctly.  It states that the server is online.  When I click Play, the game launches as expected and I get to the Login screen with Megan.   The problem is that I enter my user name and password, and if i hit Enter or click Accept, nothing happens.  The game stutters momentarily, but then continues on as if nothing happened.   I have gone through the installation instructions and don't think I've missed anything.  Any thoughts on why this would happen?   Thank you very much.
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