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[size=4][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]New player here, with a "newbie" miner question:

Are there any maps, lists, and/or databases out there that specifically chart ore field locations, complete with levels/types of resources?
[i]S[/i]omething like this:
AsteroidBeltBeta -> 50km north of Nav 2 - > Hydrocarbon roids levels 2-4 & Crystalline roids levels 1-3

I'm not looking/fishing for very high-end (valuable) ore hiding places - more a simple listing of all the mundane stuff that is generally out in the open and accessible to everyone passing a nav point.
I had the idea of an ongoing personal project to explore the game universe and make a spreadsheet of every system, complete with ore field locations and resource data like my above example.
However, if this has already been done - or has at least been started, i'd like to save myself a lot of time noting fields that are already public.

Thanks in advance for any information![/font][/size] Edited by Cygnus_7

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Yes and No.....
Nothing current.

Isometric used to have a map of mobs and ores. Was kinda accurate.
His site is now closed but I was able to retain this source of the enb maps. Wondering how much work it would be to start updating. it.

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I found this on these forums. It's not 100% correct. I've been working on it slowly. I mainly seperated the valuable ores from the junk and changed some of the sectors they are found.


Ore Name |Lv|Ore Group |Sectors Found In
Copper Ore | 1|Asteroid |
Lead Ore | 1|Asteroid |
Zinc Ore | 1|Asteroid |
Crude Nickel | 1|Asteroid |
Iron Ore | 1|Asteroid |
Magnetite Ore | 1|Asteroid |
Mordanite | 1|Asteroid |
Raw Agate | 1|Crystal |
Raw Beryl | 1|Crystal |
Raw Bloodstone | 1|Crystal |
Raw Onyx | 1|Crystal |
Sponge Chloride | 1|Crystal |
Diridium Crystal | 1|Crystal |
Potash | 1|Crystal |
Raw Jaspar | 1|Crystal |
Raw Topaz | 1|Crystal |
Sulfates | 1|Crystal |
Hydrogen Gas | 1|Gas |
Nitrogen Gas | 1|Gas |
Oxygen Gas | 1|Gas |
Uranium Ore | 1|Glowing |
Crude Graphite | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Lithium Ore | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Black Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Yellow Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Sand | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Blue Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Crude Coal | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Green Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Red Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Raw White Tazeron | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Tar | 1|Hydrocarbon |
Aluminum Ore | 2|Asteroid |
Germanium Ore | 2|Asteroid |
Molybdenum Ore | 2|Asteroid |
Zircon | 2|Asteroid |
Hermesite | 2|Asteroid |JT
Magnesium Ore | 2|Asteroid |JT
Tin Ore | 2|Asteroid |JT
Brominite | 2|Crystal |
Raw Garnet | 2|Crystal |
Raw Moonstone | 2|Crystal |
Raw Sunstone | 2|Crystal |
Phosphates | 2|Crystal |
Raw Amethyst | 2|Crystal |
Raw Tourmaline | 2|Crystal |
Raw Turquoise | 2|Crystal |
Carbon Dioxide Gas | 2|Gas |
Helium Gas | 2|Gas |
Methane Gas | 2|Gas |
Plutonium Ore | 2|Glowing |
Cadmium Ore | 2|Hydrocarbon |
Raw Coal | 2|Hydrocarbon |
Crude Oil | 2|Hydrocarbon |
Quartz Crystals | 2|Hydrocarbon |
Caesium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL
Gallium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL
Indium Ore | 3|Asteroid |OR,SL
Cobalite | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU
Star Iron Ore | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU
Tungsten Ore | 3|Asteroid |JT,MU
Alanite | 3|Crystal |OR
Barite | 3|Crystal |OR
Boronite | 3|Crystal |OR
Raw Anthracite | 3|Crystal |OR
Raw Lapis Lazuli | 3|Crystal |
Calcite | 3|Crystal |SL
Raw Alexandrite | 3|Crystal |SL
Raw Citrine | 3|Crystal |SL
Raw Malachite | 3|Crystal |SL
Fluorine Gas | 3|Gas |CR,SL,OB
Polonium Ore | 3|Glowing |SL
Light Crude Oil | 3|Hydrocarbon |JT
Obsidian | 3|Hydrocarbon |JT,SL
Raw Centauricite | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL
Anubium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU
Vanadium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU
Raw Black Opal | 4|Crystal |FR,OR
Raw Fire Opal | 4|Crystal |FR,OR
Raw Ruby | 4|Crystal |FR,OR
Cerisite | 4|Crystal |GL,SL
Raw Flawless Garnet | 4|Crystal |GL,SL
Saganite | 4|Crystal |GL,SL
Argon | 4|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB
Neon | 4|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB
Californium Ore | 4|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SL
Solar Sweet Oil | 4|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,SL

Galactic Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL
Silver Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL
Manganese Ore | 4|Asteroid |CR,OR,SL
Meteoric Sand | 4|Hydrocarbon |VG,CR,OR
Herculinium Ore | 4|Asteroid |GL,JT,VT,MU

Chromium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR
Zalmoxium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR
Gold Ore | 5|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,AP,MU,RG
Rhodite | 5|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,AP,MU,RG
Hawkinsite | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR
Raw Capellicite | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR
Raw Sapphire | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR
Raw Skystone | 5|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,GR
Minervite | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG
Raw Black Pearl | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG
Raw Heartstone | 5|Crystal |GL,SP,SL,AP,RG
Halon | 5|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB,RG
Radon | 5|Gas |VG,CR,SL,OB,RG
Radium Ore | 5|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SP,SL,AP
Bastinium Ore | 5|Hydrocarbon |VG,CR,OR
Andromesite | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP
Brood Oil | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP
Hades Blood | 5|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,SP,SL,AP

Titanium Ore | 5|Asteroid |VG,CR,OR,SL,GR

Osirium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Oxium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Homerite | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Icy Pearl | 6|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Charon Crystal | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Emerald | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Krypton | 6|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG
Xenon | 6|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG
Curium Ore | 6|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,OR,SP,GO,AP
Charon's Dust | 6|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Anthenicte | 6|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR

Stygian Blackwater | 6|Hydrocarbon |GL,JT,VT,BW,SP,CP,AP,RG
Mirandium Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Adamantine Ore | 6|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Flawless Ruby | 6|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Platinum Ore | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Discordite | 6|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Hafnium Ore | 6|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG

Inderite | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Niobite | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Conorite | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Barite | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Diamond | 7|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Firerock | 7|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Cupidite | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Galactic Rimstone | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Stojsavline | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG
Vaneon | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG
Wexeon | 7|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,AP,RG
Chalcophanite | 7|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,SP,GO,AP
Neutronium Ore | 7|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,SP,GO,AP
Leonite | 7|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR
Brucite Ore | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG

Celestial Ore | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Iridium Ore | 7|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Tantalum Ore | 7|Asteroid |VG,FN,CR,OR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Eye Stone | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Apollonite | 7|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Horusium Ore | 7|Glowing |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR,Xipe Totec
Demeter's Tears | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Stygian Blacksand | 7|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,AP,RG
Raw Hadecite | 7|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,CR,NC,GO,GR

Raw Alunite | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Idunium Ore | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Raw Tincal | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Raw Meteoric Diamond | 8|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Voidgem | 8|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Charybdis Voidstone | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Raw Scyllan Diamond | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Boragon | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Yunieon Gas | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Minosium Ore | 8|Glowing |VG,GL,FR,GO
Khnumium Ore | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Raw Acheronite | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Raw Mica | 8|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Helvatha | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Pyrrhotite Gneiss | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG

Duplium Ore | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Morganium Ore | 8|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Abyssian Dust | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Ambrosia Crude | 8|Hydrocarbon |GL,BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Emperion | 8|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Persephonite | 8|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Vanirum Ore | 8|Asteroid |GL,FR,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG

Troseki | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Raw Promethium | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP
Kronosite | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Raw Wormstone | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Nova Dust | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Star Ash | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Etherion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Noxion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Pagion | 9|Gas |VG,GL,CR,BW,VT,NC,GP,PA,RG
Crude Rutha | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Thothium Ore | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Abaddon Ash | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Astralite | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG
Zoisite | 9|Hydrocarbon |BW,JT,VT,SP,CP,RG

Grail Water | 9|Hydrocarbon |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Raw Tiberium Crystals | 9|Crystal |GL,FN,BW,VT,SP,CP,RG
Raw Erebusite | 9|Crystal |VG,CR,FR,NC,GO,GR
Modredium Ore | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP
Aesirium Ore | 9|Asteroid |JT,VT,SP,CP
Asmodeusium Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Balderium Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR
Raw Star Ore | 9|Asteroid |VG,FN,NC,GO,GR

Aragoth System Beta Hydri System Smugglers Run System
VG = Varen's Girdle GL = Glenn BW = Blackbeards Wake
FN = Fenris CR = Carpenter PA = Paramis
FR = Freya SP = Shepard
JT = Jotunheim SL = Slayton
VT = Valkyrie Twins GP = Grissom Planet
OR = Odin Rex GO = Glory's Orbit
NC = Nifleheim Cloud CP = Cooper
AP = Aragoth Prime GR = Grissom
MU = Muspelheim
OB = Odins Belt
RG = Ragnarok

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I took Xanis's list above and put into a Google spreadsheet.  It should be editable by anyone who has this link:


Maybe we can start a collaborative effort to keep it up to date.

I'll start working on it as soon as I get home.


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Anyone know where the Jupiter lv 1-2 hydrocarbon 'roid field(s) moved to, or if they're gone? The glowing, gas, metal, and crystal 'roids are still more or less where they "should" be.


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