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  1. last night I wasn't able to land on Primus. Today it seems fine.
  2. Update: Kubuntu 16.04 64bit Fresh install of the OS. Fresh Install of Wine. Ran Winecfg then closed. Then Followed my install above but.. Only installed the Dotnet20, crypt32 and MicrosoftCoreFonts. Seems with 16.04 the image glitches have gone away. Edit: Did a multi-Client test: Handles multiple clients well. I did find one major flaw though. Gating, docking, wormhole or anything that would cause a map/sector change, if you alt-tab out during this change process will freeze the client forcing you to run a kill command on the client. If you wait for each client to finish the sector/map change then you'll be just fine.
  3. If you just google eandb_demo.exe you'll find plenty of people hosting the files. However, we/net7/Emulator can't guarantee if the files are safe to use. So download those at your own risk.
  4. Through some basic tweaking. I've been slowing making the switch to Linux. Its' been tough but it's working. There have been a few pieces of software that keeps me tied to Windows. But Now all my games I play are working on Kubuntu. List includes, WoW, Team Fortress, Halflife and Finally Earth and Beyond. I have found other replacements for some of the windows Softwares that I use, and some of the windows software works with Wine/PlayonLinux so all seems to be rolling. I'll still keep it on dual boot.
  5. OK, folks, I got the star itch again, and decided to retry installing on Linux.. I am happy to report that EnB is up and running on my Linux client. Here's what I'm running: Kubuntu 15.10 - Installed PlayOnLinux --Tools, Manage WIne Versions --(Wine Versions X86) Tab, Install 1.9.7 (after it downloads/installs, and shows in the right pane. X out of that screen.) --Click on "Install A Program" , Then "Install a non-listed program" At the bottom. --Select "Edit or Update and existing application' -- Go through the prompts, and install some components. I installed dotnet20, crypt32, Microsoftcorefonts, Mono Then install EnB client. Install Net 7 client and update. Created shortcut for Net 7. Thats I'll I have done. Enb runs surprisingly well. There are a few image glitches but nothing too major.
  6. Well if it turns out kyp has that many cookies under his bed... "Share the wealth" !!I like cookies too! :)
  7. Here's my thought.    Many years ago I ran my own forum,  It was around for about 7 years. Server costs were the bulk of my costs. and I had many people do the same thing. Wanted a complete break down of the funds. Simply put,   Doesn't matter where the funds are going. Doesn't matter if they are going into the software, hardware or into their pockets.  It's a "Donation".  When you donate something, you kinda give up on where the money is going..... Now the argument may be different if we were told that in order to play this game we had to make a payment every month. If that were the case, then we are paying for a service.    No Need for transparency here. Only thing needed to say, "It helps to keep the server running".   But this is just my humble opinion.
  8. I'll look at my router and see if there is anything of. I don't think so.. Same settings I have been running for years.    I've messed with the different switches and same thing. Enter user/pass, select char and you'll see the map loading screen. This is where it will stall out.    I'm starting to think its' the video card in my laptop. No additional drivers available. And from my poking around the "Intel Haswell - ULT" is not the greatest card out there. But should at least be able to play EnB.    No problems connecting or playability in Windows. But that's not the goal here. 
  9. Update!!   So I was putting in the cert in the wrong area.  I used this command to get the current cert: openssl s_client -showcerts -connect sunrise.net-7.org:443 Copied from --Begin...--  to --End ...-- Then imported the cert into the "trusted root" area.    Now I don't' get the INV-300  (Yay!!  Hampster Dance!!) Megan Accepts my user and pass.  I see my characters . but..   Crashes at the loading map.. Just hangs....     
  10. Nice directions Nimsy.    However here's my issue. Complete purge and recreation of wine and installs of the game.  using the 2nd command to start Enb I can get to Megan but can't input any text in the user or password box.    Using the 1st command I can type the name but still get the INV-300   Edit: So at this point I run,  WINEPREFIX=/home/user/.wine-enb winetricks dotnet20 Then:  WINEPREFIX=/home/user/.wine-enb wine start "C:\Program Files\EnB\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe" This will allow the Net7 Launcher load and update, Then you click the play button and wait anywhere from 2-4 minutes before EnB loads but still runs into the Inv-300
  11. I'll zig zag across an ore field. Keep mining till the baddie starts to hit me. Wait till I get many of them next to me then warp across the field and start mining. Back and forth till the field is clear. 
  12. Both Mazz and Mond are working now..    Completed them this afternoon. 
  13. I will express my thanks as well. I signed on in 2010 and the emu has come a long way. Great job Fellers. 
  14. Update: Got a little further today. Installed playonlinux. Along with that I ran the wine Extensions in POL I installed IE6, Mono, Geko and Dotnet20.    I can run launcher, when I click on play the load time of ENB is long.. about a 4 minute wait time but it will load. I don't get the INV300 error when logging in.    I can see the character selection. Go any further then that I just see a flash of the map screen then crash back to login. Here's the kicker.. When I select the Prototype reorder I'll get the Inv-300 when loggin in. 
  15. I downloaded Play on Linux and was able to install multiple copies of Wine and still got the same Inv error. But i'm, thinking even though POL is using seperate installs of Wine, it's still using core files from the main install.    From what I gathered, I think it has to do with security certificates. 
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