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Progen Basics

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So I'd a guide, kind of all three since majority of things are similar. Such as Guns, I want to start with Progens first, before doing others. Cause overall I'd like to help people because a better community so when you group with a 'newbie' they'll have the stuff a veteran player has (least lower levels.) And a basic understanding of what is good to grab, and not that great to have at lower levels.

So going to start off with Gear then add-on slowly. All posts that are helpful to adding to guide. I'll +1, and add credits to at end. : )

Big Note: Opinions, You can do whatever you want. This just gives you something to base off if you have no idea what you are doing or what to get.



LvL2: Scales, Vendor Bought Progen with High Basically. Recommended: Falkirk.

LvL3: Scales, Progen Shields. Recommended: Waterloo, Falkirk

LvL4: Waterloo, Falkirk, Lexington

LvL5: Lexington, Falkirk, Waterloo

LvL6: Waterloo, Lexington, Normandy

LvL7: Normandy, Lexington, Barrier of Ooze.

LvL8: Deadly Barrier, Normandy, Barrier of Slime Eight

LvL9: CFB, Normandy are both great starters. CFB being pretty much amazing and matches/beats most Raid Shields. (Opinion)


LvL2: Nero

LvL3: Nero

LvL4: Nero

LvL5: Nero, Theodosius

LvL6: Warrior's Heart, Julius, Theodosius

LvL7: Warrior's Heart, Julius, Theodosius

LvL8: Warrior's Heart, Julius, Theodosius

LvL9: Warrior's Heart, pretty much great good starter till Heart of Master. Julius, (This is for range, good for people without conservation device, so forced to use Puk's or Reaver, or if not using a BB. More later etc)


LvL2: The Range Boosting Engine

LvL3: Range boosting Engine or Solar Sail

LvL4: Range Boosting Engine or Solar Sail

LvL5: Puk's Wing

LvL8: Blackspeed

Pretty much engines are mostly junk. Range boosting is best, especially if you can get a energy conservation device. I skipped rest because it's best to leave engine at 5 because you can get lvl4 SS and Puk's Wing. Only 2 you'll use till Blackspeed at 8. (Opinion, but what pretty much everyone does) Lvl4 SS is useful for FB due to 0 Sig. And getting a Zenshai Nav Comp lvl5 Device is very helpful to lower sig paired with Jenq using their Musca/Pleaisa? to lower it a other 25% so you don't get the attention of everything when you instantly walk it (aka Master).

Notable Devices:

LvL5: Ward of Living Stone, Zenshai Nav Comp

LvL6: Steingard, Ward of Muck

LvL7: CVE, Ivory Ward, Harnessed Voltoi Spirit

LvL8: Plague's Bite, NOS, Golden Tooth, Pulsing Bullywere, Ebony Ward

Guardians(For PPs Shield Charging) (Not 100% if the thing even works the passive yet)

Pretty much. Things with Shield Cap and Resists. Pavis is a really good one a lot do Explosive. Targe, I see plasma common to. I can't think of energy one. If someone can give you levels of the 2 Wards(Resists) I'll add. Combat Trance Devices are good for PWs also. Then course mining devices/Harpy combo for PEs mining.


LvL2: Musket, Crossbow

LvL3: Musket, Crossbow

LvL4: Musket, Crossbow, Claymores(Think thats it)

LvL5: Rifles, Dirks, Longbows(Note Longbow ammo can be a pain to PM)

LvL6: Rifles, Mortars, Dirks, Longbows

LvL7: Rifles, Mortars, Dirks, Longbows, Slime Cannon(Not a great DPS gun, good on ammo and gives projectile range)

LvL8: Rifles(oh god the ammo), Mortars, Longbows, Zets(great for ammo), Claw of The Dragon(pretty much a must have), Silver Hammer, Graveroober's Scythe

LvL9: Archos with Claw is standard till you get raid loot or BB weapons. Reaver's you can get from SneakyPW, Guardian of Observation Nav 1. He gives some/sells them every few days. (He gets his own title because of Icepick(Believe is main name))


Listing of Pretty Much Grab.

Critical Targeting

Projectile Skill

Shield Sap(PW)


Shield Charging(PP)


Gravity Link(PE/PW)*LvL5 (ONLY, if you plan on kiting or using Impact gives impact debuff at 5. After that not that great to level) (Also if you get Tatsu's, don't work about this unless you kite)

Shield Inversion(PW/PP)* (Don't Level This Really, unless you void building. Very helpful for grinding rep/low mobs without using ammo)

Reactor Tech

Shield Tech

Device Tech (For PP, not sure if you'll need 8 quickly, not sure if any devices. PEs get mining/golden tooth, 7 for PEs good till later if you get a HVS for mining. PWs Plague's Bite. You can get NOS I guess, Props to someone that can help here<3)

Engine (Pretty much LvL5 is where you stop for reasons said in Engine section.)

HDC(PW) (Decent, if you don't grab any Gravity Link, Shield Inversion, and plan on being on a Raid Tank, very useful for raid tanking, or just not dying)

Repair Equipment* (I instantly up this skill after 150. To at least 5, because you'll need it raids. Max is great for raids)

Build Weapons (PW/PP) (If you don't have someone always making you ammo, helps A LOT) (Note PEs. I'd level Explore/TL most just cause you can't build ammo which kind of sucks for you)

Jump Start (PE) (Good for raids, reducing debt for others, (and self for now? I believe))

Repulsion Field (PE) (Supposely Buggy, Can be useful/Can hurt)Don't bother with Repulser Field (RF) for now. It's very bugged. 1) You cannot apply the the current level you have to other players unless they are at the same EL level as when you get that upgrade of the skill. Other wise you have to use the lower versions on them. 2) The feedback damage is too high and is reported to the mob from the RF - not you, so you can easily loose kill credit on a mob and get no XP or loot. (Comment from JoshuaChr)

Combat Trance (PW) (Read each level, if you still don't understand. Pretty much Inf Reactor, High Resists at later levels and resist for lower levels)

?? >< ??


Shield Sapping early if Mobs don't do high damage helps. Shield Sap does 31-33% of their shield(MAX) or half your shield(Unless it exceeds 31-33% of their shield)

Shield Inversion maxed out allows you to farm rep quickly and for others. Or clear someone to be JS'd or just have a light show/more damage if you aren't tanking in raids. (Note Can't Shield Sap with SI on)

Powerdown is good for mining only toons (Note didn't list above, if you mine only and don't raid might be worth getting over say Repulsion Field)

If you are running away from a mob, you can do a loop and it'll fire while in upper of loop and on way down. A interesting way to kite.

Ammo is painful, if you use different guns try to find a balance of how much ammo you go through.

Using a Terran Weapon (Claymores/Dirks/Zet) In one of your slots helps for speed. Though if you have a speed increase, no need unless you rather conserve on ammo.

Discussion of End Game:

CFB is great due to high crit. Especially for PWs who can hit 100% with it on at 200%.

Though JD's and TE's give crit buffs when in group with higher rally and JD's group bonus.

Now I do not know %'s or if they do give them. I have not tested.

So till Dev's can compare %'s if they are at least 5% combined. In raids PWs could use a other shield if they have a 200% Archos for 100% and to have a other buff. Note you lose combat trance, so helps if you have a 200% lvl8 Combat Trance Device, or Julius, (Something with a high Combat Trance buff) for PWs to keep resists/reactor recharge up. Though with Animal Skins + TT Buff. TE you might not really need it. + with JD Energy thing (if it works) and JEs(JTs).

Weapon Line Up:

Spitter, Archos, Archos, Archos, Archos, Archos (or Bile in place of Archos) (1 BB Gun is nice for buffs, if you need range/reactor/shield regen. As in below you get damage covered, and hopefully conservation from a device, if not Puk's wing outside raid, and maybe a Reaver if you don't have a device inside raid, which you can replace Heart for Julius, WH)

Shield: CFB(Raid Shield see above, though PS/PP might keep for extra damage/buffs)

Reactor: Heart of Master (Covers 30% Damage)

Engine: Puk's Wing, Lvl4 SS, Black Speed.

Devices: Passive Buffs. Usually resists, or base recharge such as Blood Devices, or Debuff Devices, Conservation so forth. Equipment Installing is good if you got a spot for it + Speed. AND 100% sure in raids Nav Comp(unless Blackspeed engine)

Note didn't list FoTM or anything though nice buffs. Archos pretty much do highest dps, behind bile. Then of course Spitter is #1.

If you can't get a Spitter, use FoTM if you get it, instead of CotD since FoTM does more DPS though harder ammo comps.

For End Game People: Make Friends with a Miner (Unless you are PE) cause you'll need ores for your ammo! : )

Disclaimer: Guide will be little disorganized, might be flamed, I did miss stuff. Hopefully community effort, Most of these are my OPINIONS. So don't get your panties in a bunch over it, most things are based off pure numbers/experiences. Hopefully I got the Terran weapons names right.

Enjoy Flaming me, or Adding help. Cause if you flame, I'll just ignore it. It's how the internet works. If it's criticism on a spot with good opinions I'll read of course.


Credits: JoshuaChr, Merlin

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Good post!

Few comments from the PS perspective

Don't bother with Repulser Field (RF) for now. It's very bugged. 1) You cannot apply the the current level you have to other players unless they are at the same EL level as when you get that upgrade of the skill. Other wise you have to use the lower versions on them. 2) The feedback damage is too high and is reported to the mob from the RF - not you, so you can easily loose kill credit on a mob and get no XP or loot. Basically the mob gets pissed at the RF the feedback damage when it hits you. I feel like it's length of time active is not correct either. Seems to kill itself off pretty quickly. I can't really remember from Live though; it's just a feeling.

The Menace ability is iffy. I personally find that it rarely works and I have mine upgraded to lvl5 or 6. Others have told me though that it works just fine. It may need some tweaking still. I would put that at the bottom of your list of things to upgrade.

Kinda sad that most of the unique abilities of the PS don't work and leaves them little more than a mining toon.

Get up to lvl7 devices and then upgrade when you're 150 and have everything else where you want it. For a miner yeah you can upgrade your harpy, miner, RR+, etc. but if you get the looted Voltoi device for miners device (lvl7 and I forget it's specific name off hand), you really don't need to worry too much. Golden Tooth is awesome of course, but it's pretty pricey too and not *that* much better.

For reactors, get the Theodisous reactor line - I believe it starts at lvl6. It's pretty much the only one you need outside of a Unicorn when traveling.

As for PP's and the Guardian device - yes, they work and very well. You can definitely see a difference in the amount of time it takes for your Shield Recharging to actually go through and I think there's a small reduction in energy used - I can't confirm for certain though.

For all Progens... since damage types are getting implemented more (from the June push you see some chemical, more plasma and I think a bit of energy and impact) - get an Ivory Ward.

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Well I read your post and I guess it is a matter of opion on some of the stuff you listed. If it wasn't so late I would give you a different shopping list, but here are a couple of things that are noticable:

Engines: Lvl 8 you as a progen you should go with the one that the Bunyon in Glenn drops. It has an explosive buff on it.

Weapons: I would start useing Longbows at lvl 6 instead of Rifles. Not only is the ammo 1 lvl higher, but the stacks are bigger and last longer.

Shields: at lvl 8 I normally use the barrier of slime.

Now on my PW who is lvl 150 my weapons are a Reaver, fury of the master, BB, Archo's, fury of the ten-gu and a bile cannon I think. I also use the Heart of the Dark one for my reactors. I have mostly the same setup on my 150 PP minus the Arho I think. Man it is too late, can't think. Will post more later! TTYL :-)


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Weapons: I would start useing Longbows at lvl 6 instead of Rifles. Not only is the ammo 1 lvl higher, but the stacks are bigger and last longer.


With the caveat that PM Longbow ammo is a PITA for some, due to the need for Athanor Adamantine AMF2 comps.

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Pretty what Jarod said with Longbows, I added them though.

Not sure what Jamo was trying to say though. Dirks/Zets are both fine imo.

Merlin on the Barrier shield, I just forgot to add it, did this at night little before I went to bed and I'm not perfect.

As I stated a lot of these things are just my opinion. Usually in games I get compliments for helping/being skilled (MMOs, On FPSs good luck getting a compliment) So for MMO wise I usually do my number crunching research, test and so on, though that being said I don't know much about PEs anyway besides they have guns. They hit stuff. Kill stuff. Mine stuff.

The engine is eh. Explosive is very easy to get resist wise especially upper levels. I think most players would prefer a lower sig/projectile conservation. Especially if you get Puk's Pride or someone with it. Resists overall aren't big in raids, and easily obtained through devices. PWs pretty much using Pulsing Were/Tanwiha or both. Sometimes NOS. Can't really think of other that you don't equip. Buff self, then take off. And they have lowest device slots.

I liked Josh's post mainly cause I haven't played a PE in current test, neither has Father so haven't seen how things work or don't work.

I think I added everything besides the Engine, due to fact you could also say Dynamo which gives lower sig I believe. Recharge reactor and Impact, Chemical. And buffs speed. (0.9 Sig compared to 3.2 Buny one)I'd recommend at least to newer players getting devices. Usually easy to get built, don't have to farm, and getting good devices can be hard sometimes.

As I'll say, Opinions are opinions. I just want something "NEW PLAYERS" or lesser experienced players have something to go off. I even say in my post opinion, and they'll read comments below post so they can also get a better outlook. So even if you just post, it'll let them see other opinions


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Ok . Having played a PE all through beta and live , having a low Sig helps A LOT. Mining would be darn near impossible without it. Guns are always a matter of opinion . Shield recharge devices and shield buff devices are a must also.

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I agree with what was said above except for the reflection field/ repulsion field. I have this on my PS. IT is FABULOUS. Although it doesn't reduce any damage taken, it does give the mob 60% of the damage that I incur back to the mob! It is like having additional weapons of en extra 60% at legvel 5. I haven't tested it on upper levels of the skill yet. GEt it. Love it. It is fabulous particularly if you are being attacked by more than one mob.

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