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  1. MJALowe did a very nice write up on the classes. However, I have a different perspective. Actually, my recommendation is to start out with a Terran Trader. Why? Traders can make almost anything except reactors. Thus, I would level them primarily for building to the top level 9 of each building item and then stop. This way, if you play another class, you have a class that can build almost anything for you and can use items for obtaining schematics. The Trader should be on a separate account than all your other classes. This way you can readily trade with them. My favorite class for soloing is the Sentinel for many reasons. Although it is true that you will need to carry ammo since Sentinels use projectile weapons, Sentinels are very self sufficient. They can fight very well and can eventually get unlimited money and items by mining.Mining also gives unlimited exploration experience and trade experience too and can be useful in making components for your trader. I honestly think that they are the best soloing class. I should note that although the PS isn't as good a miner as the JS due to more limited reactors and devices, a sentinel can mine in areas that others fear to tread. Most good mining spots have guardians. Sentinels can take on almost anyone at or even slight above their level with no problem due to their menace and critical damage skill. They are the wolverines of the ores fields in that they are VERY vicious. Finally, Sentinels are the only class that gets an important skill: Call forward. Although very hard to come by, this skill allows a sentinel to change their own or other people's skill point allocations. This becomes very important at upper levels when folks realize that they could have used their skills more efficiently. A good alternative to the Sentinel is the Progen Privateer,which is the Progen version of a trader. They get big hulls, extra experience and money on trading and arguably can be the second best fighter in the game with 5 weapon slots and recharge shields, menace and even critical strike. In addition, they have a number of good building skills including weapons.It is a very easy, self sufficient class to play. I always believed that if I had three privateers, I can take on any mob. Maybe we should call ourselves the "Three Privateers." JD are good but can be a bit tricky to play. Sentinels and Priviteers don't involve any finesse. They just shoot till the mob is dead or fear the mob and reverse kite. All progens are "get in your face and take the hit" types. SirmortePS MorteTT Mystical Knights Guild
  2. I have been mining hundreds of Lev 5-9 hulks. I have NEVER, EVER gotten a manufacturable item. I have only gotten Prototypes and some other useless items such as wreckage. This not only is strange but doesn't make sense from a role playing perspective either. Can you add more manufacturable items to hulks?
  3. Maybe the answer is to add repeatable missions to NPCs that will give at least the same experience or better. This has two advantages: 1. It shouldn't affect lag 2. There would be no wait in getting the missions 3. Developers can provide plots with some of these missions. I love plots. Thus, they can have "find the traitor mission" that requires inteveiwing several NPCs. They can Require short deliveries similar to what occurs on High earth that provides both explore and trade experience.
  4. I had the same problem last night on a computer that rarely has problems with EnB. I get throught he log in screen and get throught he charcter screen. However once I get to the map screen that shows all the sectors before I actually enter the game, the game gets stuck.
  5. I just put another point into my Repulsor beam,which would be my sixth point. Frankly, I have not noticed more damage than with five points. I will keep testing. I do get a few spikes that give more than 60% damage reflection,but they are few in number.
  6. Repulsor field is fabulous , at least at level 5 and above. However, I think it is misnamed. I did test it out, and here is what I found: Just for clarification, it won't repulse any damage. You take the full normal damage What is does,however, at least at level 5, is to reflect 60% of the damage that you incur back at the mob! It is like having an extra 60% of the mobs guns working for your! It is a fabulous skill. It is certianly worth maxing out as soon as possible.
  7. I agree with what was said above except for the reflection field/ repulsion field. I have this on my PS. IT is FABULOUS. Although it doesn't reduce any damage taken, it does give the mob 60% of the damage that I incur back to the mob! It is like having additional weapons of en extra 60% at legvel 5. I haven't tested it on upper levels of the skill yet. GEt it. Love it. It is fabulous particularly if you are being attacked by more than one mob.
  8. Havokx, I hsve the same problems with both Win 7 and Vista even though I have compatibility set to Windows XP service pack 2 as they suggested. I have found that I usually can log on after several tries. I think the client is a bit messed up;hopefully, they will fix it in the future.
  9. I am finding that sometimes when I now go to a station, I get almost a black, black, screen below the chat line. I can see the chats, and group options and even see the options on the lower left of the screen but nothing else. Surprisingly, this is happening on two diffent computers, which is very odd. I have also noticed some longer load times for getting into the game. Any help would be apppreciated. PS. I did a forced update and also ran EBconfig.exe on both computers. I am also running in windows service pack 2 compatability. I wasn't having this problem till now.
  10. Yes that is right. We also get no exp for trading low leve items, Even higher level don't give a lot of exp. Maybe this should be adjusted, otherwise all we will do is mindless missions.
  11. As a trader, I am constantly asked to make ammo for players. Sadly, player ammo , L2, which is most of what is requested gives me zero trade experience. Miners get experience for mining any ore. Traders should get experience making anything, even l2 ammo. I think this should be changed so that we will always get some trade experience.
  12. Kyp, then why not the same missions? Frankly, who cares how many people drop off trash or satelite to the same planet? Thus, they would be repeatable missions on job terminals and available to everyone.
  13. Any way we can get hulks added to the ore list
  14. With all this lag discussion, I am curious about the server specs. What is the speed of the server and what type and amount of RAM do you have? Also,what is the speed of your internet connection. I am getting 35 MB down and up on my service here with Verizon. Finally, what type of graphics card are you using?
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