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  1. I run on Windows 11 just fine: Make sure your compatibility settings are correct:
  2. I keep trying to update the client and I'm getting this message: [img][/img] It won't let me proceed either. Any suggestions on how to fix?
  3. I'm not sure which version of Windows 8 you're using or if it's logical for you to format/reinstall back to 7. But in the Pro version of 8 you get Hyper-v client which would allow you to create a virtual machine of 7. Hyper-V is pretty bad ass once you start getting familiar with it. Not an ideal solution, but it at least gets you a way to run the game in 7 without a lot of mess to reinstall everything.
  4. Personally, I don't remember Ten-Gu being immune to impact. But then again it's been what... 6-7 years since live and I quit not too long after the Sundown announcement as I saw no reason to invest more time in my toons. I do distinctly remember the mobs in Ardus being immune to impact and you had to use Plasma as your primary (I think Chemical would work but it wasn't as effective - I may have the two confused, too... again it was 6+ years ago) Irregardless, impact was still your primary damage until you hit CL50-ish because few mobs were immune to it and you had the debuffs for it. You have that brief period where Rifles are your only really good option (PL L5?) but you typically move on to Mortars with a single Rifle for the buffs.
  5. As a maxed out and long played PS in live and currently a maxed out PS on here I have a few things that I feel are over looked. I didn't read all of these so I may be repeating something too. Respulsor field is actually a really nice ability to have - granted it's not something you want to immediately invest in as you have other things that take precedence. About 6 months or so before Sundown, RF was converted to "Absolute Damage" meaning that it could not be avoided by a mob - granted you could also not debuff against it, but still, it was unavoidable damage. Also to note, it's like having an extra weapon roughly on level below you since it does about 1/2 the damage that the mob does to you. Gravity link also has the unlisted debuff against impact damage at lvl5 and above and it's a pretty good debuff at that. It'll also stack with other impact debuffs. And whoever said Progens use plasma as their primary damage type, you shouldn't be. The only time I ever used plasma as my primary damage was in Ardus.
  6. It's been some time since I did it, but if I recall correctly, all but the last RD you need to kill can be found in AP and the last one in VG (maybe the last two you need?)
  7. For the RDs you can kill any RD with the same name, it doesn't need to be the ones at the old gate. As for talking to the gates, a few guildmates have found that if you log out, log back in they seem to work correctly.
  8. I reformatted it so that it fit on 8 x 11, added in alternate line coloring so it was easy to look across the sheet and made it so the headers repeated with each page. Also, the formatting is all done through Excel 2007, so I've attached a PDF copy just in case you don't have 2007/2010 Ore List.xlsx Ore List.pdf Ore List.xlsx Ore List.pdf
  9. You happen to have a copy in the old tab-delimited format? 29 pages is a lot of print and I like to sort/mash-up the info
  10. I'm not overly into the response options for the poll... So here goes: Note: when I say "quality" I don't mean the number listed in the items description, I mean the difference between low lvl vs. high lvl and that a high lvl item is obviously a higher quality item in general. First of all, I don't believe in live you took equipment damage for having your hull damaged - this is makes being a warrior class very costly and ineffective since it's pretty much assumed that you'll be getting your hull hit if you're tanking. I think another thing to consider is that while we have such a low player base now, it's fairly easy to get loot-only high end gear again if something becomes damaged. But once that number starts increase, the harder and harder it will be to get these items; making equipment damage all the more frustrating for players. I think equipment damage should be similar to your ability to hit a mob higher than you. As you upgrade your weapons and it's ability, your accuracy gets much better. In live this was a two-part calculation. The higher your ability counted as part and the level of the weapon counted as the other because each level of weapon gets better accuracy (this is what I am focusing on). For instance; lets say your at lvl9 projectiles (also implying that you're CL 50 and a Progen - substitute for your race and main weapon type). If you slap in a lvl1 projectile and fire at a CL60 mob, you're going to miss a lot. Not because your skills are weak, but because of the inherent quality/accuracy of the lvl1 weapon is low. Now throwing in a lvl9 projectile and it's extremely rare for you to miss at all because of the inherent quality/accuracy of the lvl9 projectile is much higher. The same concept should be applied to how you incur damage to your equipment. Getting killed with lvl1 gear should greatly increase your chances of damage being taken to your equipment because it's lvl1 and the quality of the a lvl1 item is low. Whereas the ratio of taking damage should be far lower on lvl9 gear because it's of superior quality. As for builds... This one really frustrates me. One of my toons is a lvl9 device builder and I've had to go through multiple level 2 items just to get them mapped or completely dismantled and that should not be the happening. I'm iffy about the idea of just because I have everything mapped, I should have a great chance to build a 200% item. What if I have everything shield in the game mapped that's possible for my race and I've never built one... should I be able to turn around an whip out a 200% CFB? Granted I do think that mapping, dismantling and building ("actions") should increase your overall underlining skill the more you do them for each level. I feel like building should work like so: Each level you start out with a base success chance to reach 200%. Lets say you get a default of 20% for your current build level. You then gain 20% to each build level below as you upgrade your skill.So if you're build lvl3; your lvl3 base skill is 20%... lvl2 is 40% and lvl1 is 60%[*]Actions would increase the base chance for the level of the item you're doing said action to. We'll say 0.25% Lets take a lvl9 build skill with the following scenarioI'm trying to build a lvl8 item (base chance is 40% since I am lvl9 build devices) I have preformed 100 actions on lvl8 items in the past... this should add a +25% chance (100 x 0.25% = 25%)Yes, 100 items are a lot but when you think about long term, it's really not. You might want to remove ammo from this as it could be a potential loop hole. Or make it extremely low to increase your chances - like 0.025% or lower[*]My base chance to build a 200% lvl8 item would be 65% (40 base + 25 through actions I've done previously) You should probably hard cap the success chance regardless of your build skill or chance obtained through actions (90-95% maybe?) I like this way of doing things a lot because if gives heavy builders the ability to have an upper hand when it comes to building and selling quality items - which they should have if they're building all of the time and also prevents someone from just building 200% lvl9 items willy nilly. This also gives builders an obtainable goal to reach too... kind of like builder leveling. And this math should be applied to every build skill not your building abilities in general. E.g. me making 100 projectiles should increase my ability to build weapons but it should have no effect on my ability to build shields. And there's my two cents.
  11. Who said they were rolling back?
  12. Again, this is exactly what was happening when it was a "small server issue" - you get the INV-300 error and clicking on the fix menu command doesn't actually work because it can't reach the server. You can use local cert but only run one account at a time on the same machine - otherwise you get some pretty weird stuff that happens.
  13. Getting this message again as well. About a week or so ago this was a server issue after a crash (that really long crash that had the server down for like 16 hours). Hopefully the devs will get that cleared soon.
  14. I don't like the options. I feel like "cherry picking" is a very broad term and can have many meanings. There's also so many different scenarios that could explain why someone was unintentionally cherry picking. For instance, I may not see you if they rocks are spread out. Typically I will apologize and move on once I see you - unless you're someone that irritates me in chat and then I'll just move along and cuss at my monitor. I think if there are other people in a field and you come along looking for particular ores for whatever your reason is, then you should be considerate to the person/people already in the filed and either ask if it's ok for you to snag XYZ or move along to an empty field. Otherwise, if there's no one there, who cares? I cherry pick all the time if I need something specific and there's no one else in the field. In fact just the other day I was looking for grail water and went to 13 different fields and never ran across a single other player. The more I think about it, I cannot remember the last time that I've ever seen a person in another field outside of Glenn - and I do a LOT of mining. And JE's you have to remember a couple of things. If you're cloak mining, chances are, no one can see you - especially a lower lvl Progen. So don't throw a hissy fit if someone else starts mining. Also, you have very low signatures. This makes it very difficult to see you if you're not cloaked when you're in a field that has things spread apart 17K from both ends - If you're on one side and I'm the other, most likely I am not going to see you.
  15. YAY! Thanks for the updated ore list. BTW, what does SG stand for in your column header? [Ore Name | Lv | Ore Group | SG | Sectors Found In]
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