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This topic comes up often and I find myself always linking people to the same threads so I wanted to consolidate some links into one place and provide a bit of an overview for anyone interested in getting started.


The usual disclaimers:

  • Net-7 allows ATTENDED multiboxing; this thread is not about botting, AFK, or unattended play of any kind which are against the Terms of Service and the GMs WILL take action against people who violate this, also, seriously, just don't be a jerk
  • This thread is for tools and resources for people interested in getting started with multiboxing or improving your existing setup, not debating the ethic or moral implications, what effects it has on the game, whether it should be allowed or not, etc. so please stay on topic! :)
  • There is no single best or right way to do any of these things and everyone is going to have different needs and capabilities so I'm not trying to guide anyone down any particular path, only gather lots of options in one place with links back to the original threads.
  • There is no "easy button" here. All of these options require some amount of configuration at a minimum and the ability to code/script in order to really customize and make these things your own.


There are a couple large existing threads on the topic which is where most of this info comes from:


  • original source of Net7MultiClientUnlocker (which is now mostly used for launching and positioning windows via a GUI)
  • tip on renaming the autoplay movies on startup for faster login (Data/client/mixfiles/EB_Sizzle.bik, recommend same for Data/client/mixfiles/eb_ws_logo.bik)
  • original source of my login.ahk described in more detail below (and based on the ones in the following thread)
  • technical details on the mutex in the original client which prevented multiple clients from being launched and net7proxy's workaround for it which renders unlockers unnecessary


  • original source of wolfie's loader+play scripts detailed below
  • original source of Doctor's login script
  • The login.ahk script I provide below is based on these


I'll summarize some of the available resources from these threads roughly chronologically and by author.




Huron created the Net7MultiClientUnlocker tool which is still useful for launching and positioning client windows.

It is written in C# and the source is available here:



This was originally posted in the thread:




  • GUI, no scripting needed
  • Very configurable


  • Doesn't automate login
  • No other multiboxing functionality, just client launching and positioning so you probably want this plus one of the below options
  • Third party binary, though source is available so you can inspect and compile yourself if desired




wolfie created a fairly elaborate set of AutoHotKey (AHK) scripts which was where I started out with multiboxing, they are available in the thread:



@Wyzzard also created a take on these with more instructions:




  • Modular scripts for Loader (client launching and positioning) vs. Play
  • Lots of great examples of how AutoHotKey can be used for multiboxing (tons of features, see original thread for list, but highlights below)
    • Client launch/position (multi-monitor, dynamic resolution, adapts to number of alts)
    • All mouse clicks for alts return the mouse to the main window
    • Handles group leader target acquisition
    • Handles loot and close for alts on each pull to release the carcass
    • Mass accept/reject wormhole
    • Mass Action/Alt Action on selected target (ie dock is Action, Register is Alt Action)
    • Group Formation and alts join
    • Has full panel sell
    • Quick Buy of 12 of the current item


  • Doesn't automate login
  • Loader window positioning complex and difficult to configure, better suited for multi-monitor, includes external dll call which seems unnecessary
  • Includes unlocker which is no longer necessary





Doctor has shared several different AHK scripts which are fairly advanced, both here on the forums and on the wiki.


FN<=>NV Trade Runs, Trade Automation, Client Launch/Positioning and more:




  • Fully automated client launch and login
  • Demonstrates some advanced AHK usage with PixelGetColor and ImageSearch
  • Lots of useful functionality:
    • Trade Run / Navigation automation
    • Buying/selling trade items
    • Inviting alts to a group
    • Moving items into the trade window (2 methods)
    • Vault Collapse (another version posted on wiki below)


  • It only works at 1280x700 resolution and trade run picky about graphics settings (see thread)
  • Lots of unrelated stuff all combined together so takes some time to separate if you are only interested in one part
  • Includes unlocker which is no longer necessary



Some other cool scripts he has posted:

Vault Collapse:



Mining-focused Mass Automated Trading (for unloading mules), demonstrates advanced OCR using GDI+ standard lib:





I've posted a couple relatively small, focused, and self-contained scripts to help people with specific requests here on the forums.







  • Each script does one thing
  • Serve as good examples / starting points for larger scripts


  • Not intended to be used together (e.g. different incompatible approaches to window naming)
  • Some minor configuration required



Honorable Mentions

Others I'm aware of but for which there are no forum threads to link to (that I'm aware of) and whose work I don't want to publish without their permission:


  • @Teflon / @TeflonPrime uses and swears by a paid application called JitBit Macro Recorder which may be a better option for folks who don't know how to or don't want to write code/scripts. If you see this thread perhaps you could post some example JitBit macros, Tef?
  • @mozuzaeram / Aligrant also wrote some fairly advanced AHK scripts using some different techniques like skinned button overlays and even a color picker(!) for coordinating your fleet livery which none of the above scripts demonstrate; she might be willing to post some examples here?
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