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  1. Am I correct in thinking I can now just send items between my various alts? At the moment I have three seperate accounts - the only reason I ever did this was to transfer items and credits between toons. Just wanted to double check I understand it correctly before I transfer all my avatars on to the one account? P.S. can you mail credits?
  2. [quote name='Mattsacre' timestamp='1332515591' post='55878'] None do, nor should solo a raid boss, early on with some glitches TE/PW were soloing a couple of raid bosses, TE through range and PW through spam sap, but those bosses that were rangable had range adjusted and the PW sap skill has been altered to prevent that now, there has been moments that JD could becuase of the cloak wonkiness do so as well, that too has been at variuos times been adressed. But if you find through some dynamic you are able to solo a raid boss, please report your ability to do so, that needs to be addressed either through altering boss AI or skills, simply put a player shopuldn't be able to solo a raid boss, it's not intended to be done, raid bosses are for RAIDS [/quote] Yes I agree that people shouldn't be able to solo current raid content. I was using it as a barometer to gauge solo combat ability i.e. who comes closest? It sounds like no class is really stand out, anyway. I've always enjoyed soloing old raid content in MMO's though and there is usually a class or two that are best for this. This doesn't apply here of course, because all raid content is current and there has been no level extension. Fingers crossed though eh?
  3. Thanks all for your input. As I expect many of you do, I'm levelling a range of characters rather than just one. I was primarily curious as to which class can conquer the biggest combat encounters solo. I'm guessing based on replies that it's impossible for any class to solo raid bosses? Who comes closest?
  4. Nice. So TT's actually have no advantages against raid bosses due to Shield Recharge? Can any classes solo raid bosses? Are their raid bosses and just 'bosses'? I remember Miguel Chavez? Is he just a special rare spawn or considered a boss or something? I remember I could solo Tenchu that came out of the Fishbowl with my PW, one at a time, but I guess everybody can do that played right? I think I know the others but what is Gravity Shear? Basically, I was under the impression that TT could solo certain bosses (raid bosses?) because of kiting and their 'heal'. Is that totally false/never was true?
  5. The range I'm talking is end game. Which class could take on the biggest mobs/bosses?
  6. So really, it sounds like there is no consensus here? It used to be that Shield Charge was super powerful, putting the TT on top. Are people still soloing bosses like they were in earlier days of the emulator?
  7. What is commonly accepted as the best solo class? In terms of taking on combat challenges rather than self sufficiency. I know it used to be TT. The combination of kiting with missiles and the ability to cast 'heal' was quite powerful. I've read some discussion on here that suggests it's the PW's who are more inclined to solo the big bosses and the like. In live I was a max PW and used to get class envy over the TT's so it's not how I remember things
  8. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1332098394' post='55692'] You're probably confusing it with weapon's slots, since those vary by class/race combo. Generally for each race the warrior gets +1 Weapon, -1 Device as compared to the trader from the same race, and +2 weapons, -2 Devices when compared to the explorer of the same race. The Progen race also gets +1 Weapon, -1 device compared to the same profession from the other races. The Terran Scout (Terran Explorer) is the exception to this, as the EMU devs traded one device slot for another weapon slot with this class, as they felt it was too weak, with the original 3 weapons, 6 devices listed for the class in the design documents. [/quote] Thanks for the reply. I think I know where I got confused now. It's actually shield tech I was thinking about as I notice my JE only gets level 8. Although I notice my TT gets level 9. Do all traders get shield 9 and all explorers only 8? Do all explorers end up with 4 weapons bays then? Or 3 for JE and PS and then 4 for TS?
  9. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1332082977' post='55671'] Every class has one L9 weapon and at least 1 L8 weapon. [/quote] Has it always been that all classes get a level 9 weapon skill? For some reason I thought I remembered in live that, for instance, the JE only got beam 8 and you had to be a JD for beam 9? Perhaps I am confusing it with weapon bays or something.
  10. Doesn't look like news/updates has an archive anywhere so only seeing a couple of months back? Unless I'm missing it. An early question - was it always true that every class has a level 9 weapon skill (the planner is reflecting this)? Because I seem to recall vanilla only the 'combat' classes did.
  11. Thanks guys. Reading through the updates on Net-7 now.
  12. Hi all, I've come back after about 6-12 months away from the emulator. I just wondered if there was a way to see what changes had taken place? I've been through the NET7 news section but nothing seems to be in the vein of "update X - notes". I'm guessing changes are usually in the launcher? Otherwise, any major things of note in the last 6 months or so?
  13. Confirmed - I'm stuck on the final step, missing 'Piece of a Broken Datacube', the item usually given when you complete the meditation step.
  14. Thanks all for the reponses. I had to retargetting and moving around and relogging pretty extensively. Even docking, redocking and landing/re-landing. All to no avail. I created a ticket and a GM kindly advanced the mission for me. Unfortunately he forgot to add the item I needed so I believe I'm going to get stuck again momentarily. I've created a new ticket.
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