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  1. On the net7 downloads page I cannot download any of the files. I click the links and get a half second loading icon then nothing happens. Have tried with several browsers. Anyone have this issue?
  2. Two ways around this. First, hit accept, tab over and hit accept, and immediately tab back to the 1st acct. The other way is to open a trade with the account that isnt stuck, and hit cancel. Either way works.
  3. The fish could stand to get a downgrade to their scanners. They do need to social agro the way the do, otherwise damn near anyone could solo in FB but having stuff 20k out come running when you attack is a bit overkill.
  4. When I was around Lvl 80ish I went into the bowl, would find a group killing and ask them if they minded if I looted what they left behind. I would also ask if there was anything specifically that they did not want me to loot due to the lock timer running out and groups still being in combat. I only ever had one issue and that was when i asked the group leader, who said yes, then another group member was unaware of what he said and sent me a tell rather upset about looting. After he/she found out the grp leader already said yes this person said "just dont loot beams, thats why im here". Show some courtesy to the group that is doing the work and they are more likely to NOT have an issue with you gettin some free trade xp off their work. And I can understand after having been in a few groups in FB that it is very difficult to loot and contribute damage. A lot of stuff despawns even when you are actively trying to loot if you are taking multiple mobs at once and nonstop. I personally don't think it should be an issue if the person asks and is given permission. If given permission, it isn't stealing. If a timer runs out and makes it open loot, it technically isn't stealing. If it violates the tos, don't make them open lootable. A lot of folks have offered good suggestions. Increase timers in certain areas, let the group decide how long the timer is/who can loot, etc. I would suggest making tractor beams work the way mining beams work, except with one alteration(if coding is possible). Let me loot one after another without having to wait for the items to get to my ship. Often times you are moving and/or move out of range to loot the next item. Make base tractor speed much faster and farther(some of us only have 3 dev slots, should my looting ability be based on my device slots available? Won't even get into cargo space issues). I would say make your tractor beam at least faster than your combat speed. Maybe making it engine dependant isn't fair? Letting me loot everything off of a hulk at once.. or click click click on the items i want and not having to wait for it to reach me would be nice. I think altering the way we loot would fix a lot of the stuff despawning issues that folks have, more than extending timers would. I am also for extending the loot timers on high spawn rate areas though if faster looting isnt possible. Either that or when the loot is awarded to a group member it just pops into your hold. If no space the stackable items pop into your hold and any you have room for, the other stuff stays until u can make room for it. I know folks would have issue with this for spacing items, so make unique/non trades exempt from this. The only problem with extending the timers is that if you are killing nonstop, having the stuff float around longer will not help you to loot it any better, will just have a clusterf*ck of hulks around you, not to mention the stuff nobody loots cuz its not high-quantity stacks.. well everyone except those F'n terrans. Just some ideas to add to the already good ones mentioned.
  5. So has anyone heard what the problem is lately? Not that an explanation is required, but one would be greatly appreciated. After the last content update (the one that had notes) there was a small patch a few days later. Since that small patch I basically can count on crashing every time I gate and every time I try to relog after the crash, 2 to 4 times. This doesn't always happen, I just count on it because it happens so often. This is not related to the servers going offline but before that small update I really didn't crash at all. Maybe once a day. Anyways just kinda curious where all these crashes/freezes came from or if it is just my side and this isn't happening to others.
  6. I believe the whole issue is that EA refused to give the code. Had they done that, I don't think we would be testing anything.
  7. Can I get a GM to let me know if this can be fixed?
  8. C'mon Man! The paint is drying, shoulda been down WHILE I was painting. Plan better!
  9. Is there a way when you print maps from your page that the name of each nav shows up on the print out? or at least the gate names?

  10. update or someone trip over the power cord?
  11. Looks like a few ppl are stepping up. Whether the dev team likes the idea of 1 or 10 reps are we going to have a poll voting type or are they(the devs) going to select from the nominee's? Either way is ok with me. If its one or three or w/e having representation from the community directly to the dev team is a stellar idea. Kudos to whoever came up with it.
  12. My idea was specifically so what you are saying did not happen. Requiring someone be unguilded that has vast knowledge of the game will most likely not be possible. I just meant having class/race specific reps sounded less like a good idea, and having 3 (and of different guilds) was agreeing and expanding on a previous post. I definately think all guilded players and unguilded players should be able to speak to any and all of the reps. My point was if all 3 are in one guild, then that one guild may get more representation than the community as a whole. Hopefully that is not the case and the one two three or 10 people chosen will take ideas from everyone and pass them on to the dev team. Hope that clears up what I was trying to say.
  13. I also like the 3 nominee's. If possible from different guilds just to get that many more ideas coming in. Of course anyone can talk to the reps and express their concerns / ideas, but these reps will obviously talk with their guildies quite a bit due to the guild chat channel. So having them all in different guilds at the least might help to gather "more" useful information. Also, having 3 reps will alleviate some of the potentially upset people because their choice didnt get voted in. I do not think having a jen rep, progen rep and terran rep is required though. IMO the folks nomiated should have a hopefully braod understanding of all races/classes with a preference to one race maybe? I dunno, I just think excluding someone because "we already got a progen rep" is a path to avoid. Just my 2 cents.
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