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  1. Many Thanks Karu for your response, I didn't realize you could not Help me with my Issue since it was Woodie that sent me here in the First Place! I guess I'll need to contact Woody Again
  2. Thank You karu for responding. OK, I have an Issue. I need to have a forum account password reset and a game account password reset within that forum account. I cannot do this using Normal channels, since I can't log into the Forum account. Please contact me Privately, since you Have my private email address, as required when setting up a forum account. Again, Thank You for responding! TeflonPrime
  3. do Web Devs even exist anymore? Woody told me to go here for help, and I'm certainly NOT gonna post my Private info in a Public forum!
  4. I just WISH the Web Devs would get back to me on this Issue!!!!! Still waiting!
  5. I was playing the game when someone tried to log into the same game account I was playing. I immediately started changing my passwords. Evidently, whoever had hacked my account realized what I was doing and successfully changed the password to one of my game accounts before I could. I then tried to change my Net-7 account password, but they must have gotten to it before I could ( I know, I should probably have changed it first.). Since this is a Public forum, I will Not include any specifics about my account. Woody said to post my problem Here, since he can't help, and that the Web Devs/GM's would help if I posted it in the forums, since there is no way to actually put in a ticket for the Web/Devs/GMs. Please contact me to resolve this issue.
  6. Hi Kyp, I used to program in machine language years ago and I was published many times. I am proficient in visual basic. I'm willing to learn a new language. I am a retired DR. and Love this game. I am willing to help. I would be particularly interested in helping with new content ( new sectors ) or getting the Racetrack in Glenn back open ( or even the slot machines, never in the game ). Thank you for the consideration and contact me for private info to continue this conversation. Teflon
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