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February Server Costs


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Hello everyone, just a heads up. We're still a little short for this month's server costs. They are deducted in a few days (21st). We need about 100 more dollars to be donated if anyone can spare it right now.

Please help us out!

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What is the current status? Is the donation tracker correct? I'm not quite sure how to read it; Is the $4000 a yearly goal, so $1000 per quarter? If so, does that mean we are $1000 short? 

Looking forward to some info on this :)


Thanks in advance!

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The number is a little bit higher than what we require to operate, it was with a small amount of padding but we're not in a critical level of funding. I generally post if I get worried about that.

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the goal of 4k [in USD because the server is located in the US] was for the three quarters from April through December 2019 [about 1350 per quarter or 450 a month].  As I write this [26 May], we've raised 1400, so we're well on track -- bar unforeseen costs arising.


Thank you to all who donated and thus are helping keep our game alive.  B)

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I've put up the goal annually, as it stands that would cover server costs for the whole year with a very minor cushion to cover some of the other costs we have. 

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