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Music and private collections of

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I searched the forums for an answer and came up with a blank. Hope I can learn something new about adding my private music collections to EnB to hear it played in game. Is there a way to do so??


Thanks Devs

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This not something the GM'S do not have control over. I'm moving it to the suggestions threads as it is more under that then GM help.


Woodstock HGM

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Sorry Woodstock, wasn't sure where to put this thread..lol, my bad


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This game pre-dates things that are pretty standard today such as MP3s, the sound/audio is stored in a special format, so it's likely not going to be that easy for you, although you can certainly play it on a playlist in any other media player of your choice behind the game.

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ok, thanks Kyp... an old man can dream...lol


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The version of the WW engine E&B uses supports .mp3, .wav, and .ogg audio, and the game's sound assets are pretty distributed between the various formats.


The in-game music is broken up into a few mp3 files packed into the sound mixfiles ({RegionRace}Wander{ID0}-{ID1}, ex: TerranWander01-1.mp3 packed into mixfile_sound_09).


It is possible to replace this music with your own mp3 files in the mixfiles, but you cannot add additional music that was not already there; you can only replace existing tracks with your own.


To do so you will need a tool that can unpack and repack, or simply edit-in-place the appropriate sound mixfiles. I am hesitant to release my/our tools for this but you may find similar tools in the RenegadeTools pack or other W3D tool packs (although I can't endorse the safety of any of them).


Note: This is completely unsupported by the emulator and the development team. If you break something it is up to you to fix it.

(But if you send me a private message I'm more than happy to help you fix what you broke!)


If you decide to attempt this, please be aware that if an update touches a mixfile that you have edited, you will have to re-apply the change you made to the newly-updated mixfile.


Space Music


mixfile_sound_02	terran1.mp3
mixfile_sound_02	jenquai2.mp3

mixfile_sound_02	ProgenWander02-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_04	TerranWander03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_07	JenquaiWander01-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_07	JenquaiWander02-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_07	TerranWander03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_07	TerranWander03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_08	JenquaiWander02-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_08	JenquaiWander02-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_08	TerranWander04-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_09	TerranWander01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_09	TerranWander04-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_09	TerranWander04-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_10	TerranWander01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_10	TerranWander01-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_10	TerranWander05-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_10	TerranWander05-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_11	ProgenWander01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_11	TerranWander01-4.mp3
mixfile_sound_11	TerranWander01-5.mp3
mixfile_sound_11	TerranWander05-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_12	TerranWander01-6.mp3
mixfile_sound_12	TerranWander02-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_12	TerranWander02-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_12	TerranWander02-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_13	JenquaiWander01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_13	JenquaiWander01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_14	JenquaiWander05-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_14	JenquaiWander05-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_14	TerranWander07-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	ProgenWander03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	ProgenWander03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	TerranWander07-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	TerranWander07-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_16	JenquaiWander06-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_16	JenquaiWander06-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_16	ProgenWander03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_17	JenquaiWander03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_17	JenquaiWander06-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_17	ProgenWander04-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_18	JenquaiWander03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_18	JenquaiWander07-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_18	ProgenWander04-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_19	JenquaiWander03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_19	JenquaiWander07-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_19	TerranWander10-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_19	TerranWander10-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	JenquaiWander07-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	TerranWander10-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	JenquaiWander04-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	ProgenWander01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	ProgenWander01-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	ProgenWander05-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	JenquaiWander04-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	ProgenWander05-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	ProgenWander05-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	TerranWander06-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	JenquaiWander05-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	ProgenWander02-1.mp3



Battle Music


mixfile_sound_01	JenquaiBattle04-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_01	JenquaiBattle04-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_01	TerranBattle02-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_02	JenquaiBattle03-5.mp3
mixfile_sound_05	JenquaiBattle01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_05	JenquaiBattle04-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_07	ProgenBattle01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_08	JenquaiBattle01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_08	JenquaiBattle01-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_14	JenquaiBattle03-6.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	JenquaiBattle04-4.mp3
mixfile_sound_15	ProgenBattle01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_17	ProgenBattle02-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_17	ProgenBattle02-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_18	JenquaiBattle02-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_19	JenquaiBattle02-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	JenquaiBattle02-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	JenquaiBattle02-4.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	ProgenBattle03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_20	ProgenBattle03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	JenquaiBattle02-5.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	JenquaiBattle02-6.mp3
mixfile_sound_21	ProgenBattle03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	JenquaiBattle03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	JenquaiBattle03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_22	TerranBattle01-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	JenquaiBattle03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	JenquaiBattle03-4.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	ProgenBattle04-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_23	TerranBattle01-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_29	TerranBattle03-1.mp3
mixfile_sound_29	TerranBattle03-2.mp3
mixfile_sound_30	TerranBattle03-3.mp3
mixfile_sound_30	TerranBattle03-4.mp3



Station Music


mixfile_sound_01	AMBIENCE_SpaceStation01A.wav
mixfile_sound_01	station_ambi_22.wav
mixfile_sound_02	space_station_con_08.wav
mixfile_sound_03	jenquai_station_door_1.wav
mixfile_sound_14	station_ambi_09.wav
mixfile_sound_19	station_ambi_01.wav
mixfile_sound_20	station_ambi_03.wav
mixfile_sound_23	station_ambi_06.wav
mixfile_sound_24	station_ambi_04.wav
mixfile_sound_24	station_ambi_20.wav
mixfile_sound_24	station_ambi_21.wav

mixfile_sound_04	ProgenStarbase3.mp3
mixfile_sound_05	mus_terran_starbase_1.mp3
mixfile_sound_05	ProgenStarbase1.mp3
mixfile_sound_06	ProgenStarbase2.mp3
mixfile_sound_24	mus_terran_starbase_2.mp3
mixfile_sound_25	JenquaiStarbase3.mp3
mixfile_sound_25	mus_terran_starbase_3.mp3
mixfile_sound_35	JenquaiStarbase2.mp3



Bonus Music!


mixfile_sound_28	JenquaiShopping.mp3
mixfile_sound_31	TerranShopping.mp3
mixfile_sound_32	ProgenShopping.mp3

mixfile_sound_35	mus_december_shopping_1.mp3
mixfile_sound_35	mus_december_shopping_2.mp3

mixfile_sound_27	Net7Starbase.mp3

mixfile_sound_34	NightClub.mp3

mixfile_sound_34	PlanetLava.mp3
mixfile_sound_32	PlanetIce.mp3
mixfile_sound_29	PlanetGas.mp3
mixfile_sound_27	PlanetEarthen.mp3

// VV This is Ennio Morricone's "The Ecstasy of Gold" - I have ZERO explanation for why this is in the client files
mixfile_sound_37	1800_01eog_001e.mp3



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Just a quick update to let you know, if you are still interested in this, that I will be providing a more user-friendly build of one of my mix editors along with instructions on how to switch the music out this weekend, likely tomorrow (Saturday).

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