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2 things missing from LIVE to hold player interest


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  1. 1. Do you agree?

    • I agree on both counts.
    • I agree on the AH.
    • I agree on prospecting.
    • I disagree on both counts.

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Bg disagree on both counts.

Unless of course, you want to give my JE six missile launchers and let me kite mobs while cloaked from 8km away. :blink:

As for the AH system - I much prefer the human factor of player-run auctions (did the Pegasus gate raid auctions back in the day, big fun)

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there is alot of potential for 3 separate experience bars.

THAT was the coolest part of the whole game.

get bored doing 1 experience bar? switch to another one no problem.

that is what makes the game. i think.

but i dont want to have to switch chars to do it.

call me a lazy gamer.

but a tractor beam is a tractor beam. <shrugs>

i bet if the game had had the two things i mentioned then we wouldnt be here...

we would still be paying EA games...

i know i would have.

Just play as Progen Sentinel lol.

i can mine whenever i want, i can explore, do trade runs, be good in groups and soloing. but i am not the best in all of this.

yes the combat is open for everybody so i can fight like a Progen Warrior can. the thing is - when he cant prospect as i can - he can preety much mop the floor with mobs i have troubles with. the whole game is about tradeoffs - something for something.

i am jack of all trades but master of none. and i am fine with that. i dont want PW combat power.

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I am not sure what the topic is but I had 150+ PW , a 150 PE, a 120 TD, a 45 JE if i can remember all of them but I MY PW made weapons, my PE minded and got base stuff and shields so reactors and my TD made Engines including the MAX solar sails. So i leveled out doing what they did each remember that levels beyond your 50 in what ever rolled over to your other skills. you could have fun with your other classes besides the PW.

but i do remember the roomer that Westwood was going to come out with more space sectors and 3 other classes and ships.

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...and explorers should be able to make ammo, and have L9 shields/weaps/reactor and 5 weap slots and lots of turbo buffs....well NO.

Choose well grasshopper... Warrior or Trader or Explorer.

The thing still missing at the moment is the hulks. There is only so much point to mining ore (most minerals which you could rip from looted comps anyway). You can source rarer ammo-ores, etc. But at the minute the end-game fails the explorer. You spend the time getting E45 and T45 so you can mine L9 ores and get max build, when warriors sail around zapping the mobs and getting lots of goodies, lots of credits and trade, lots to analyse. Explorers need a slice of the cake too with L8-9 engines/reactors/devices/comps/weaps and rare (only to be mined) items. Sorry - until hulks are restored, and put them into high lvl mob areas then there is little point getting an explorer to maximum.

Gallina is good to a point (so well done to the Dev that put that together) but the drop list is limited to just 4 different L2 devices, 4 x L4 devices and 2 x L6 devices - and most suck.

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By the way there is no level cap ... I think this discussion is dead ^_^


thats new to me

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I do not want an AH in EnB ... one of THE nicest things is the interaction with new people that required builds brings. Adding an AH would take away from the community-feel, and would make it more like RL where you do not have to interact with people at all anymore (online grocery shopping with home delivery, etc.)

Please, no AH.

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I remember in the original EQ players went to the EC tunnel to hawk their wares. I remember in the original Asheron's Call one of the outposts (in the Dire Lands?) served the same purpose - a place for people to meet and barter goods. In both games it was like traveling to the bazaar and you interacted with people.

I'd hate to see an AH in EnB.

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For me big NO to auction house.

Convenient - YES

but would totally ruin the community feel of this game which must be retained.

The comment above on level cap for those who don't know is that you do keep earning points after 150 but they take a long time coming but you always max at 150 on stats.

All the best


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Yes, level 600 cap....that's gotta get our vote, damnit why didn't we think of that?

And yes totally agreed, you shouldnt have to make an army of characters while most other people would like to. You're too goddamn genial to refuse this for.

Any other great ideas?

I guess yer being sarcastic.

i still think of some things from an IC/OOC perspective.

1 player running 2 accounts just doesnt seem ICly to me. [in character/out of character]

but a guys saying, 'i am innovative enough to mount a mining laser on my warship.'

that seems IC.

i mean you allready have a ship's hold and a tractor beam.

so stuff to were the explorers will always have the edge.[in mining]

but make it possible for most classes...

im looking at it from a ... 'im a guy in this universe and i want to get stuff done'

perspective not a 'whats fair and unfair' perspective.

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My unwanted .02$ worth.

This may have been mentioned already, I have a short attention span. :)

Having mining available to all classes defeats the purpose of the EnB system. Back in the day, I ran a lvl 150 PW that had almost every weapon and ammo that a PW could make mapped out. I also liked to beat up mobs, most notably cloud riders, which ate up a fair amount of ammo. To keep me guns happily blazing away, I had to have a pal TT for the comps, a good miner for the ores for the TT to make the comps, (in my case a PS, you know who you are *grins*) I also had to have a pet JE around to keep me reactors in tip top shape to fire all them guns, this was optional though, JE's get moody sometimes :)

What I provided in turn was loot for the TT to map, protection and mercenary services while the PS or JE was mining and ammo and weapons for all. Cant forget about the good ole time watching big ole dumb Grumpy blast the hell out of critters :)

What I'm saying is this; EnB has a very well balanced system regarding classes... better than almost any other out there. Some call it forced grouping, I call it a MMORPG. Sure any class here can be good solo, but mix and match em in a group you end up with a thing of beauty.

As far as a AH goes, nah hate sifting through rows and rows of junk to find something I may or may not want. Market channel works well. The best part of all is building relationships with other people where getting an item is a matter of sending a tell, then running to pick it up. Or seeing a post in market, and saying "yup, I can build that... meet at F7?"

I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of "leave your package here" system to drop off items for other people. Limit it to a few items a day and not the same account. For example, build weapon for someone, they get booted or have to log out suddenly, I have no way of getting that weapon to them until next time we are both one. Just a thought.


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Some call it forced grouping, I call it a MMORPG.

QFT. any so called "balancements" will only hurt the game in this case

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I voted disagree on both counts. No worries, I'll explain.

I disagree on the AH because if you look at how WoW's been screwed up by the AH, you'd realize that, while a good idea, it needs ALOT of work... I mean, if I put a stack "rare" L9 ore on the AH for, say, 50K (vendor price plus a nice extra bit for me, it's going to erally &*^% me off when some jerkwad goes in and buys up all of my stuff, then turns around and sticks each individual ore on the line for 50K each...

Yeah, yeah, I know the arguements... "supply and demand, he's got the supply, now he's making the demand". whoop dee doo... It's still crap. The way it runs now, we *have* to interact with people, which means that if they start doing that crap, people are going to black list them.

I disagree with giving everyone prospect for the same reason that I disagree with giving everyone Build Weapons, or Navigate, or Cloak... they were given to certain classes for specific reasons. If you give everyone Prospect, that removes the usefulness of Miner classes... Warriors can't build components, and Traders should have to deal with others. A level 8-9 reactor can do a LOT to prospect high level ores... there'd be no point in making a miner.

Me, personally, as a person, I'm a builder. that's what I'm GOOD at. I take things apart, fix 'em, and put 'em back together, good as new. If everyone else could do what I could, even at a lower level of skill, they'd never come to me to fix their stuff for me, and I wouldn't have ANY income

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like most of old enb players i voted for both : No!

AH in game was always awfull lag area ... so what sectors you wanna to sacrifice ? besids it would be alot of work for CDs and im kinda sure they not bored at the moment.

mining for all ? so how explorer classes should survive in the economy ..any warrior class can make millions by looting and could always mine where explorers need to be protected by self. you would degrade explorers to be just jumpstart/buff/(wh) slaves

but i would love to see the option "sold to vendor" at vendors

where you see and can rebuy items you just sold to the vendor

and it clears if you log/dock out

so Most of the problems with sold mission items or any items by misstake, would be history .

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