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  1. The router is a ZyXEL P2812 (P-2812HNU-F3). I managed to obtain the login information and turned the firewall settings to "Easy" and rebooted. Seems I can play now :)
  2. Really? 97 views and noone has a clue? Anyone from Norway have a VDSL line from Telenor? Maybe its their router that is blocking some ports.
  3. I have eliminated windows firewall by carefully checking logs. It does not block any communication from or to any of the .exe files.
  4. I copied all the files via a USB stick to another PC. Installed and updated the launcher, but it shows the server as Offline. Win7 64 bit, I have admin priveleges. I am connected via a fairly standard DSL broadband connection. Cable directly to the router.   Any ideas?
  5. Thx. Thats why noone is posting of course :)   Guess i'll head to tech support then.
  6. Installed the game at my father's house, as I am looking after his cat in the holidays. So I am not sure if the server is offline or there is something blocking the launcher. Also I need to see the timestamp because its 16:23PM here right now and last post on the forum is 1:51PM which seems odd so this post is also to see how old posts really are :)   Edit: Ok so the timestamps are correct. Has the server been down all day?
  7. Someone called for a terran opinion. I played several classes but my main warrior was TE. TE Kiting advantages With my TE I could solo Voltoi bosses in Antares. The skill involved kiting them in circle around the station without getting within range of the station defense. Later when I got all my turbo and reactor buffs I could usually finish them off before I reached the station. Gravlinking mobs could usually be handled but harder since you needed to stay inside missile range and outside gravlink range. With a little lag this failed, but if you were careful it was still easy to get the mob far away from spawn and a TE with the proper equipment can still tank pretty good. The TE is the perfect backup tank too. The PW should lead the group while the TE watches for adds and peel them off the squishies. TT can also hold a mob or two. TE weaknesses Killing with TE was slower than with PW and JDs and it could sometimes be hard to beat the spawnrate (especially in Cooper). Also, if a PW or JD contested your hunting grounds, you really did not stand a chance and it was time to move on or waste a lot of expensive missiles. E&B was not really meant to be competitive, but it turned out that way because sweet loot spots got crowded. In the long run you will always be better off in a group with a mix of classes, kiting or no kiting.
  8. Just to update this. I made a support ticket and got my mission log bumped to the next step and all is well.
  9. I am kind of new to Sunrise. Is this normal? Can we expect some announcement of when it is expected to come online? I was kind of set to play E&B tonight
  10. I just got the same problem, but at L75 ... my TE, Norcus, is 19/18/42 and MacKellan won't start L75 hull upgrade. tried /new players channel but noone even tries to answer it so can I assume that most terrans have no problem? Did I forget something perhaps? I checked mission log and it is empty except for the hull upgrade mission that says visit MacKellan at L75.
  11. The game was never meant to be competitive and the classes were never meant to be balanced. They were supposed to compliment eachother in groups. A TE could never beat a PW, a JD could usually kick anyones ass, and it was supposed to be that way. A JE died if a mob gave it a dirty look, which was unfortunate with the poor sod only having short range weapons. But who cares, unless you played the game only for the arena in which case you would probably have both a PW and a JD character. The competition evolved from the fact that desirable loot was being camped. Overpopulated servers or not enough alternative equipment for high end characters. Some guilds cooperated in near 24h operations to control certain encounters. The JDs got a lot of attention of course because noone could beat their dps in short encounters, and they would be on top of the loot when the mob died so they could take it and get away quick. A group of well equipped JDs could take down virtually any target, loot it and be gone in a few seconds. However they would never last in long drawn out battles so with their scan boost and all they could wait until the TEs and PWs thinned out the monsters, swoop in and take the final kill and get the loot.
  12. By the way there is no level cap ... I think this discussion is dead
  13. Well the DEVs announced in game that the issue was known and they are working on it, but that means if you do the repeatable missions and check back on Louden now and again it might suddenly work. Worst case scenario you get lots of trade XP. Good luck
  14. I have been working hard to get the Shield Charge mission. Louden only gave me the repeatable kill and trade quests over and over. Not too bad though. The trade mission where you get the O2 Canisters and Terran insignias give awesome XP you can buy 15 of each and to 3 quests pr run for an amazing 15000 TXP and 7500 EXP and a few credits too! After doing this a few times I figured it was time to move on. I traveled around and did all the other skill missions. Checking back with Louden every now and then he would still not give me the Shield Charge mission. He did however repeatedly warm me against talking to Holly. Finally I went to Holly and got a mission from her to kill 10 Scuttle Nymphs. Also repeatable by the way and gived 3500 CXP so not too bad at low levels. After I did that though Louden had the Shield Charge mission for me. At this time my TT is L36 (8/15/13) and the only skills I don't have are Build Engines and Navigate. BTW: The Build Shield skill is given by an NPC in the Somerled lounge, not in 61 Cygni. BTW2: Louden wants the L2 ML-X4 Orb Weaver Happy hunting all
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