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  1. Hmm... just a touch of intelligent metagaming, which could easily be explained away in a back story if you're into MMO rps, or completely redesign the purpose of an entire class... hate to say this, but one of these sounds like wanting your God Mode cheat, and the other sounds more like wanting a different flavor of cake. As to yet another alternative, rather than trying to pulp something with in your "combat level range" how about trying to pulp something with in your "combat capability range". As you yourself pointed out, the Jen Seeker ain't the best combatant. Go something a level or two under what you have been... something a little easier to blast to slag, and therefore faster to get XP off of. or get a pair of EMP beams and one energy/plasma beam and go bio hunting... you still need a non-EMP to take them down, but them EMPs eat shields like a kid with candy on Halloween night. Try weapon mixing, if you've the points for it or a PS friend. I've been told that certain non-beams are effective in battle for Jens and even amplify beams. Heck, try a temporary swap to missile weapons for a few levels and kite the CLs. Or, again, go with a class who's purpose is that of beating the crap out of things. If you want more beat down, but you still want the cargo space and some of the buff/debuff capability, go with a TE, though you have to learn to fight differently. If you still want the Jenquai, but with better fighting, go with the JD. If you still want the trader class, but with more brutalization, either the TT (woot for missiles) or the PP (woot for 5 weapon slots) would work sufficiently. Trying to solo-combat with a JS is like doing solo combat with a wizard in any fantasy-based RPG. It's perfectly possible, you just have to figure out how to do it with out whining like an 8 year old brat that didn't get the Twix at the check out line.
  2. Personally, any time I make a new toon, I see if can get a tour around... one good galactic tour alone is enough to get you to low level EL 20s easily, and the way they used to get run in live, a full tour group could easily get to EL 32 no problem in a matter of hours. so... no... there's no major lack of balance for CC. As to your skills in direct combat, a trader's main job in a fight isn't combat, it's support. Don't get me wrong, the ability to output is nice, but the entire point isn't nice, it's team work. TTs are healers, JS are the silly little wizard in the back that throws out the debuffs and makes the enemy wet their pants while getting beat. Rather than trying to fill a different role, how about either actually figuring out what the roll you want is and playing a class with that roll or playing the designed roll of the class you choose? In any given MMO you have four posts: Tank, DPS, Healer, Buff/Debuff. Most classes will fill one post with ease, a second post to a much lesser extent, and sometimes (EnB excluded) a third post to a poor degree. The JS fills the post of debuff to an unparalleled level. They make a miserly DPS unit.
  3. Couldn't find an actual post anywhere for this, so I figured I'd make one. I know that there are several MoBs missing, figured I'd try to help with the effort to reinstate them, though I know of only one for certain off the top of my noggin. Malfunctioning Drone: Level 0 machine, supposed to appear in High Earth Sector, Sol System. Loot: L1 Damaged Drone Defense Laser (rare), L2 Drone Defense Laser (extremely rare), Slag (common as dirt), Debris (moderately rare) Other Notes: Affiliated (shows green to) InfinitiCorp Traders. -2 InfinitiCorp Traders -1 EarthCorp Warriors, +1 V'rix, +1 Red Dragon, +1 Chavez, +1 Bogeril factions when killed.
  4. I got on once, but every time since that I try to log in, it crashes... Net7 runs fine, EB runs fine right up to log-in screen. Once I input my password, it goes *splot* and crashes... EDIT: Found the problem... I forgot to set the compatibility on the client.exe... sorry
  5. I would just like to point out that you are all whining like little babies about the GMs giving out free stuff. the first contest was for three END LEVEL items. The GM only threatened to send away people that COULD NOT USE THE GEAR what the hell is the point giving a progen or a jenquai a L9 missile launcher? yeah, fine, OK. the contest took WAY longer than tasha thought it would. WHOOPDY FREAKING DO! The simplest solution is the one i went with: turn off the chat. Quit whining do some problem solving.
  6. Ok, so picture this. Some whiney little whimp who can't do anything goes and complains that he's to lazy to figure anything out, causing the devs to make everything easier. You've toasted dozens of printable, had to rerun bosses a dozen times just to get an item to drop, and said guy spewing foamy diareah out his mouth gets every item it took you days to collect and pring in one kill, THEN prints every single one of them in one shot. Would that make you feel better? Or would that, as with tanking the required level for mounts in WoW, piss you off? Me, i would certainly not be the former option.
  7. *falls to his knees and hugs Tienbau* thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
  8. i mined it for almost a week with timer working... wasn't until recently that it crapped out on me
  9. sorry, i thought it was intentional... had i realized it was accidental, i'd have put it under Bugs
  10. really? then why did i sit at the Hydrocarbon fields in Aganju, 61 Cygni for an hour and forty-five minutes before they started respawning? and the spawn before it took an hour and a half. And that was just the two that i times.
  11. OK, this would have been a great idea IF you had 1) added more fields and 2) added a max to how long the timer would go to. I LOVE mining, I use it as therepy, like some guys use shooting games. Please, please... fix my mining. It was OK when I had to wait for the stuff to respawn for a little bit, i got housework done while i waited for the field respawn. But this usage variable... it actually makes it worse for me to mine than to not mine. Please, I'm begging you, fix it.
  12. See, this right here is the reason I don't use my ingame name. People like starting drama. It was a suggestion, followed by a joke. Please leave the flames in the fireplace where they belong, or I shall be more than happy to indulge you and return fire. Happy hunting, and please lighten up.
  13. THis would be a wonderful idea, except for a few minor issues. 1) It would have to be by unanamous agreement of all currently operating players. 2) The postings would be nothing more than a popularity contest, putting the best friends of the largest number of players into the office. 3) Democracy only works when people aren't bloody morons who can't comprehend the concept of "majority rule" and whine like little babies when the majority says "no, we're doing it THIS way. you agreed to this method of rule, so you have to conform". Let's face it, Men in Black said it. The person is a calm, intellectual entitity. People as a group are stupid, panicky and easily scared.
  14. It CAN be useful... Occaionally. But what if you and your officers are discussing how do deal with someone that's disruptive to guild dynamics, and what to tell the rest of the guild as to why he'd being ejected, if that's the outcome? Or what if you guys simply want to discuss where to go raiding together? Yeah, fine, sometimes it's great to let your members listen in, but a guild is run by the officers, who are in turn run by the guild leader. I know for a fact that I don't always want to let my minions know what i'm thinking until i'm ready. Why make it easy for them to find out?
  15. The reason i'm saying to have it be atleast 135 is that, if YOU were the leader of the red dragons, would you want some from an enemy faction trying to defect with out the full monty? One thing to not consider them your enemy anymore, but a whole other story to put your name to them. What's the point, if you're a guerilla warfare contingent, to have an enemy defector try to join you with no information and almost no ability to hit the broadside of the barn? And, more importantly, as the defector, are you going to turn on your allies with out taking everything they'll give you before you leave? I mean, if you're a L25 TT and you go more than -2000 points neg, you would not be able to dock at Somer. You'd be stuck at your L10 hull upgrade until you went back up at least neutral, and that's just a pain in the butt.
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