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  1. I am having the same issue: delivered the product to the Shaitan, but cannot find the Manufacturer in Ishuan. Nothing happens, no dialogues or anything at Little Rock either. Was going to forfeit the mission, but it's non-forfeitable. Any advice?
  2. On planet Dahin, north of the gate, only one lvl5 Petrified Ruby Golem spawns. I recall that in live there were several golems there. I know this isn't live, but I really liked those golems :D   Thanks! Pink
  3. Never mind, now I can't repeat this error ....   [ignore the following for now]   My desktop shortcut stopped working:   Each time I double click it, I get this error and can't start the game: [have to restart comp to take pic, brb!]   Can't find an exe file in the EnB folder to start the game either.   Each time I want to play after restarting my computer, I have to unzip net7launcher.zip into the EnB\bin location, then I can use the desktop shortcut again or use LaunchNet7 in that folder to start the game.   I haven't played in a year or two. Should I reinstall the entire game or is there another permanent fix? I'd prefer the latter!   Thanks, Pink
  4. I had the same issue (lag, no pathing, couldn't WH, targeting took forever, couldn't log off) and had to force-close the game. "prototype reorder" wasn't checked, checked it. Logged back in and it worked for a while, then had the same problems again, including being unable to log out.
  5. Pink


    [quote name='dragonrose' timestamp='1331485098' post='55324'] i think we need more level 9 fields; these are so few & far between, it is impossible to find ores needed for a lot of the higher level builds & such; example: grail water, astralite, & kronosite are the hardest to find, and they are the most used. people hoard these, and they cherry pick to get them. just my opinion. [/quote] I completely agree ... L9 ores are a pita, and from what I understand, their availability is far lower than it was in live. Atm it's easier to rip many L9 ores from comp drops than mining them.
  6. Pink

    Mail System

    I was told that that would be too much like WoW, which is to be avoided I brought it up because I had wanted to send a message to an offline guildie. I do agree that it would change the game significantly, and think that the largest impact would be on player interaction (which appears to be what DEVs want to encourage, not discourage.) Interaction would decrease, just like human contact decreased in IRL these last few years: don't have to talk to anyone anymore, can just txt!!
  7. wow I'm glad you and yours made it! Scary...
  8. Hey Zack, it did work after a few tries, when it cycled through to a working link Hopefully, as Dakynos mentioned, that broken link will be auto-removed. Thanks
  9. Can't download Character Creator via the Net-7 portal's download section. I get this error: [quote] [b] Not Found[/b] The requested URL /enb/CharacterStarshipCreator.exe was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) [b]Server at www.sanjiyan.com[/b] Port 80 [/quote] After several attempts it cycled through and I was able to download it from bothouse.com. Thanks!! Pink
  10. I've been killing Shahadem, Sharim and Shinwa all over the galaxy (with significant faction loss, hehe), but have yet to come across some of the Yoroi shields. Would anyone be able to tell me a confirmed drop location? I can confirm the L2 Ronin Yoroi: D'Nai Shinwa Patrol (10), Yasuragi by Dojo [2-23-12] missing: L3, L4, Ronin Yoroi missing: L5, L6, L7 Shizoku Yoroi Thanks! Pink
  11. Just wanted to check in to see whether the status of analyze and build % has changed. Thanks! Pink
  12. I like Agrippa but do agree that some polishing would be great. Also, there is NO way that a first-time character can complete Agrippa. My PW went broke several times doing Agrippa and had to borrow millions of credits from buddies. I just spend over 40million credits on analyzing the Mobius components on my PP, after totally freaking out when I failed the first time because I had no idea that I could just go back to the NPC and buy more. It took me talking to several players and studying the DB for some time and caused true, real anger & frustration. Then I had to find a PW to kill the Enhejar Woden 10x. There exists only 1 Woden in the entire game. Thankfully it spawns every 6-12minutes, but still, what PW friend wants to sit there for 1.5 hours waiting for respawns without getting any xp or something? And the suggestion to pay him cash is silly because I can't pay him cash because I am broke from Agrippa. (Woden is definitely better than trying to do the quest out of VT, 5x killing the Ostarae Vega that spawns once an hour.) What's very confusing to me is trying to figure out which part of Agrippa I am eligible for, and which parts I've already done. So help there would be fantastic! Lastly, I am now seriously regretting doing Agrippa on my PP. I wasn't playing the game when Agrippa was implemented and when I returned from that break my PP was already above OL50, so I was unable to do stage 1. So now my PP is not as useful in helping other players as I would have liked her to be had I been able to do Agrippa stage 1. Is there any way veteran players who were beyond OL50 when Agrippa was implemented could be allowed to do stage 1, and subsequently stage 3? Again, I really, really like the idea of Agrippa, its complexity, and I don't want to be spoon-fed. It just needs a bit of polishing. Thanks, Byakhee, for working so hard on Agrippa! Cheers, Pink
  13. just a hint: while in Aganju doing this mission, hunt some Nommos and keep 10 blubber on you. Thanks for this post, it was very helpful!
  14. Just wondering whether there are cheaper options than Paypal. It just seems like such a waste to pay them so much of our donations. I just wanted to bring this up, but I do not have any suggestions for another safe and international option.
  15. Blacklung moved both my characters and responded to my tickets. Thanks!!
  16. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1328852978' post='53428'] Did your Red Dragon faction get tanked in the recent faction reset? [/quote] Hey Riz, no, my PW's faction remained at about the same friendly level (don't remeber what it was exactly pre-patch.) However, my JE's faction went from so-so (yellow) pre-patch to max positive RD post-patch.
  17. My PW and JE are both blackholed in BBW (as of about 10pm EST, Thursday 2/9/12). I submitted a ticket for each character. When trying to log in, I get stuck on the blue world map and the status icon states "Waiting for Server." I've let it sit there for at least 20 minutes several times. Other players have also reported reported being blackholed in BBW. Thanks!! Pink
  18. There are a few item drops that arent up-to-date on the net-7 database. Some mobs are listed as not dropping anything when, in actuality, they do drop stuff. Or drops listed do not reflect what actually drops. Is that on purpose? I was under the impression that the DB was synchronized w the game. I can give more details in a bug report if needed, but suspect that this may be on purpose... ? Thanks!
  19. Experienced lag, couldnt target anymore so I force-closed the client. Updated w patch. Now I get the Net7Proxy Error: "Server Failed to Respond to Login attempt." Thanks!!
  20. I like shield sap right now /ducks 37k dmg in FB each mob on sapping sphere is quite nice for tanking. It doesn't take a huge amount of shield [fyi: it's not insta-death, but rather only 1/4 of shield off for a group of lvl 0 (zero) mobs.] I don't mind the current timer, either, especially with that kind of dmg, and because of it, I don't think the timer should be shortened, because then it would become OP. And I'm happy that it has been fixed and actually returns shield now. Don't know how that all inegrates into the rest of the game tho, how it compares to other classes, etc. I'd love to get CT fixed, too
  21. [quote name='Lot' timestamp='1325959458' post='51088'] Was there a slash command for seeing, in a group, total damage done by each group member? I may be imagining it but I recall reading the command somewhere but of course can't remember what that command was that I'd seen. [/quote] good question ... I think I remember there having been a command that would start and end recording of combat stats in a combat log. We used to review those after raids. Wonder if that is still in effect or whether I am confusing that with another WoW feature (yet again!)
  22. Target - of - target: in the target box, add a little box that shows the taget's target. I.e. I target X while X is targetting Z. X would be displayed as the big picture in my target box, while Z would be displayed in a little target box. This way us tanks can get aggro off non-tanks easier. Other games allow this as added mods. No idea if this is even possible, or whether it's desired by all, and I'm sure it would be a loooong way off, but I wanted to throw the suggestion out there. Thanks!! Pink
  23. 1/6/2012, 12:15am EST: server offline
  24. We've been able to log in Zigen now, after re-installing the game & re-patching. We did, however, delete LaunchNet7 from AppDataLocal as well ... and now we're having trouble getting him to play full screen windowed mode [img]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif[/img] But at least he can log in EDIT: --> full screen windowed mode figured out, dont know that it had anything to do with the other, grave, issue.
  25. We're having the same issue on my husband's computer all of a sudden (worked fine last night.) Clearing the Earth & Beyond\Data\client\output folder didn't do anything. CTD after clicking enter at login screen on Zigen's account. I can log in fine on my computer, including onto Zigen's account. There were Microsoft Updates yesterday. Both Zigen and I dlded them. Zigen runs 64x Vista Ultimate, I run 64x win7 Ultimate. Ticket submitted.
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