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  1. I guess yer being sarcastic. i still think of some things from an IC/OOC perspective. 1 player running 2 accounts just doesnt seem ICly to me. [in character/out of character] but a guys saying, 'i am innovative enough to mount a mining laser on my warship.' that seems IC. i mean you allready have a ship's hold and a tractor beam. so stuff to were the explorers will always have the edge.[in mining] but make it possible for most classes... im looking at it from a ... 'im a guy in this universe and i want to get stuff done' perspective not a 'whats fair and unfair' perspective.
  2. there is alot of potential for 3 separate experience bars. THAT was the coolest part of the whole game. get bored doing 1 experience bar? switch to another one no problem. that is what makes the game. i think. but i dont want to have to switch chars to do it. call me a lazy gamer. but a tractor beam is a tractor beam. <shrugs> i bet if the game had had the two things i mentioned then we wouldnt be here... we would still be paying EA games... i know i would have.
  3. the third thing is open the level cap from 50/50/50. im talking about making the game MORE. not rehashing old news. [im not a coder so i dont know what is practical, im talking about what would be fun.] more systems, more levels for everyone, open the level cap. make prospecting in some form available to everyone.[with restrictions for non explorers. like prospecting gear takes a weapons slot i think might be appropriate.<?>] and add an AH. if all that was in i would buy time cards again. im talking something real here. for casual gamers and hardcore gamers. and i never razz anyone. in real life or anywhere else. [someone said something about the auctions in the live chat.] i dont WANT an army of characters... o my guy hit level cap and its time to level cap some other guy. so yea im interested in more versatility for everyone. eventually all classes get many abilities. what if level cap was 200/200/200?[or whatever][more then it is now] see what i am saying? damn straight i would by time cards for that.
  4. i downloaded the stuff to play and while i was downloading i was surfing the forums. you guys are too hard-core on this... T'was a good game. but its still missing that special something. [iMO] i duno i may install and give it a whirl since its free, but...
  5. i still dont agree. everyone can combat. everyone can trade run. everyone needs to be able to mine. [at some point.] its just too interesting a part of the game. WHY am i fighting? its fun. WHY am i doing trade runs, its logical. WHY am i in this asteroid field? make mining gear on non explorers take up a weapons slot. [without it geared, non explorers cant mine.][or something] that way explorers dont feel... quite so ... i duno. redundant.
  6. the two things that the LIVE version needed, where simple to say. but without it, it detracts from the game for both the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer. [vocabulary, from what i understand LIVE means that, back in the day when EA games ran things, that was what is referred to as LIVE.] 1, it needs an AH. auction house. anyone that has played WoW knows that when you want gear, the AH is ALWAYS worth a look. it gives the crafters an outlet for their goods and it gives everyone a place to look for gear. its just too important in modern online gaming not to have it. [E&B didnt have an AH right?] 2, EVERYONE needs access to prospect. i played a terran warrior. with game time cards. IF my terran warrior had had access to an AH for his http://www.earthandbeyond.ca/community/coolstuff/enbplaner/enforcer.html build weapons and build engines skills... and if at level 45 he had been able to unlock Prospect 1 [somehow, whatever pre-reqs fits i dont really care] THEN i would have had continued interest. because every ship can work on combat and trade levels, BUT only the 2 explorers could work on exploration thru prospecting [if memory serves.] ======= these two things would have made the game MORE for everyone. without them... [shrugs] only the hardcore E&B player wants the good ole days back REALLY bad. my 2 cents. -BLOODSHOT
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