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  1. online again thanks for fast reseting/updating! a word in general or post on forum would have been nice thought
  2. erm lol no1 removed it ... and ppl dont claim they logen on same pc they actualy have more accounts running on same pc i had both toons loged of same windows XP host so 2 other ppl in my group... check your end
  3. yes, was there about 30-40min before the server went offline maybe earlyer, dunno, as i reloged net7 i got the update 40 min ago ...
  4. word just seen system login spam from Slice trying geting in for 5 min and puff ....
  5. most of ppl runned VM wares before that , so doubt there was more load than it was before as it crashed there ware only around 270 loged in characters server holded over 600-700 players so doubt that was the problem but there was something weird with some ".....jane" named player that had "loging in" spam the system hope any of the server devs know about this
  6. just voices or actualy listening to TS ?
  7. dont you had to move to enb staff guild ?
  8. just go to Pluto and change your hull or wing design... there is a design setup that show only 4 guns however if you change it you will see all 5 guns/firing
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