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  1. Am I looing in the right place? I click on the link and bring me back here. nowhere to sign up? <confuzzled and weTodd edd. jokes aside though anyone have a link to where ever I make the account for ptr?
  2. did same, seems like the launcher is not telling client to use sunrise instead of ea servers .
  3. Ive just hot the same issue. Tryed installing the cert and using the help things on launcher. Also did a fresh install of launcher and client. Tryed using servers ip insted of name..... :/
  4. like the setup. ...ew hp what'd it have inside?
  5. I vote public takes em all. I was one of the leaders of static when all this was being done. I agree with overtkill for the most part.
  6. Did anyone say anything to tge people doing the raid? Did anyone try asking an officer or leader of said guild what may or may not have happend? Seems like some of you made an assumption.
  7. It would seem funny to me that a guild name like enbstaph was considered offensive and was banned yet a name like that went "untouched". Still say its a personal vendetta on that one. Guy got banned for that guild name also. Wonder how those names will be treated. I googled the mentioned names, boy thats obvious specially with what the first results are.
  8. yea i know im the jd everyone hates :P   anyway i will say live most BOSS mobs not RAID mobs were soloable on a je yea je usen beams and coma . the bosses in cooper were nothing . i mean i guess with the skill i devolped from lve and even in the emu it was ez for me , however when it came to raid mobs they were NOT soloable cause of active shield recharge even taking dmg there shield actively recharged therefore needing a certain dps to take them down in the first place but you could kite on a je backwards the dt raid mobs while they were comad thus a real skilled group could take them with no deaths maybe no heals never got that far as i did that the last few weeks of live and i remeber it clear as a sunny day . i wouldnt mention something like this if i wasnt compkleately sure otherwise id say im not sure but maybe but that is not the case. but hey keep making silly resists and huge shields and dmg , cause ill always find a way till its just way to overbearing for even large groups . i have no problem with things bein hard at all . but to make reg mobs stupid hard is kinda silly   i dont even mind the low drop rates its awsome   ksing will come back . it already has . keep up the work on the raids and take that advise and your ai will becomes ezier than making 1 shot deaths .. and this targeting of classes i find to be racist and that was looked down upon and also bannable durring live and im talkin jenq progen racisim not rl racisim thats obviouly not tolerated.         ps je still need nav 7 working the way it was always intended to nerf it to make another class more useful is insane
  9. forgot when i started not long after release . used to watch a buddy of mine play when it was in beta . i stayed till the min they shutdown . tryed eve thought it sucked vendetta was a more fun game to play -the cheesy gfx . cho/cov was cool for a lil while but the AE stuff kinda killed it for me . then i discoverd this and have been here since .
  10. (>'.')>⌐ t('o't)
  11.    It would be nice if they unnerfed the je's navigate 7. i really dont see a point in it . je is still very useful in raids . however i feel that more classes will be needed at raids once they get alot of the missing ai/raid mechanics functioning . a major proble i see is that any raid can be done with just 1 dps and x amount of healers spamming heal . i think its about time they add to the major raid bosses the abilty for the mob to constantly have its shield rechargen and not stop when taking dmg . lets say (for fun) the master has a shield recharge of 5000 . if your hitting it with plasma its shield will not recharge till dmg stops or it trys to recharge but stops because of dmg . if that same boss was able to constantly have that recharge you would need 5001 dps just to see the shields go down any less and the shield is always full . it was like this in a few cases in live with master / dt / few others and should be put back into effect . it would solve alot of the problems we see now with mobs just having insane caps that have proved useless , mobs having way over powerd dmg . its a much better plan than constantly nerfing skills that were working properly in the first place . as for the current raids they are very cool and i think your guys have done a really nice job on them however i only see that one issue . hope that lil tidbit of info helps :D
  12. yea it came up for maybe a min before . died and starting again . sure they are tweekin it a bit . poor hampster is tweeked out lol
  13. down and starting lol     did make it into the game before tho
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