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  1. I was talking about every named tengu in cooper seeing cloak.  as well as a slew of otehr bosses (rd base, chavez in venus, paramis,  66 rd in ap).... need i go on?   This is more than a little excesive, you have completely defeated the purpose of cloak  (and if you are concerned about JDs soloing raids just make raid bosses see cloak...not EVERYTHING) Please do something about this....  JD was my favorite class even in live 10 years ago,  but with cloak being nearly useless now i might as well make a pw...
  2. just asking... :)     I can deal with it if its intended
  3. Are the tengu bosses supposed to be able to see cloak?   I sure hope not because it makes it rather hard  to kill them now :(   JDs arent meant to take that kind of damage! lol
  4. I was just playing around with the whiners and such :)    we all know its a pain and greatly appreciate all the time and effort put into all this :D
  5. that wasnt directed at anyone in particular... just saying good job and ignore the whiners... lol   peace :D
  6. Most of us know server crashes are trial and error sometimes till you find the right combination of patches and such. So just inform those who cant understand how incredibly complex server code can be (especially for an MMO) that they are more than welcome to reverse engineer their own server... LOL   Keep up the good work guys :)
  7. Most of us know how complicated some of these things can be....   Keep up the great work guys :)
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