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  1. Anyone know where the mission starts to get this shield?
  2. Breath Of Life

    I do but ill never tell. Its hard enough to get it without telling everyone where it is. You have to do the work like we all did to find it.
  3. Breath Of Life

    Anyone is allowed to kill the child or Heart but its not around much so you have to camp the spot. You will only get one shot at it cause it is camped by numerous people so you almost have to know the exact spot it will spawn to have any hope of killing it. If you do get a shot at it make sure you first debuff it for plasma cause usually the first one who does will get the kill. But start shooting it right away its the only shot you have. I can only tell you it spawns in the cloud same place as the heart. That's what Magoo said about good luck!!
  4. Any Changes?

    In my opinion its better than live was because we don't have the cut throats that were in live. The Market still works the way it did in live so if you want certain items you buy them there. If you join a guild most things you need they will give you but if you are on your own you will have to barter. I played live like you and went through sunset and felt the huge loss so all I can say is Ive been on the emulator now for a long time and have no plans on leaving it anytime soon. The story line has gotten a little lost but its pretty close to the original. We haven't gone to war with the Vrics yet but they are in the game now scanning us so it wont be long now. The game has so many ways it can go now its crazy and once we get throough all the live scenarios there will be new stuff never seen before so Im excited about it and there are quite a few people online that played in live which has to say something about it. All I can say is get in the game and take a look I mean they don't charge for that. Whatever you do good luck to ya.
  5. Our Apologies!

    That really sucks I just got my 100 upgrade today on my last toon im going to play ugh.  
  6. Im working that mission right now Im to the part where it says to intimidate the shaitan. I would think to do that I target him and hit my intimidate button but it days no target chosen. I have no idea how else to do this. Anyone know?  
  7. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    For everyones Info you may be surprised how many want to CF the extended WH. When we got it we automatically put the points in without really paying attention. The last Extended WH is Venus which is quite a waste actually because we already had ABB which is right next to it. And as far as I know Engine CF works fine. My bet it is really easy to add this and I hope it gets done.
  8. ammo fer kenlz

    Well the ammo vendor at OMP gives you this mission if you are level 135 or higher.
  9. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    Was trying to do a call forward on the new skill we have called "Extended Wormhole" when we discovered the PS cant do it. Can you get them to add that in to the PS skill for Call Forward Please?  
  10. What is VPN Software?   My brother never had any problems till the latest patch now he can only run 1 guy at a time. Think it could be the same problem?  
  11. Can't log in (Megan is getting old)

    Server is working now
  12. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Do the GM's know about the problem? Do we have any shot at getting on tonight?
  13. The lag has been terrible today I crash at every gate. It takes a full minute to transfer anything from cargo to vault. I finally gave up. Tried to get a dev to do a restart in General. Just tried again, got in game right away but first gate I tried to go through I crashed Needs a re boot!
  14. DPS at 200%

    Ok something has been driving me a little crazy. I'm going to use Beams here just because that's what I was just looking through. My question is, in the database at Net-7 it shows all the stats of the different beams but I always thought the main one is DPS. So if that's true why would anyone use any of the ones that are below 50 which is the top DPS beam in level 7? I mean there is a ton of beams to choose from but I don't know why you would. I know there has to be an answer for this so Ill wait before I get my lev 7 beams lol. I do know about the buffs so that's not the answer im looking for. I always get the buffs I want first then I go for the highest DPS of those.
  15. I could have swore I posted here but guess not. I played live till sunset then EVE for maybe 5 years then got on SWTOG   Was leader of Red Cell for like 6 months before sunset. Names  were coinman-JE Trapper-TT and Illuminous-PW Bought him on Ebay   Got here right after it started in Alpha and have been very impressed with the GM's and Dev's here. Just amazing work.