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  1. Growing up, I was really interested in MMOs. Unfortunately I lived in a Mac household, due to my father's business and my uncle being an Apple dealer. I can't complain, because I got a computer to myself, and they were pretty nice. The downside to it being that I had a limited selection of games, and had to pay a premium for ports if we got them. I played Lineage, the original EQ Mac server, and grabbed EQOA on PS2 when I could. Of course WoW eclipsed all that. The thing is games never really scratched that same itch. Not even classic WoW. While tab-targetting is my preferred method of playing, things have changed. I've been digging through private servers of old games for awhile now. I got to play games I missed out on, like SWG. City of Heroes did have native Mac support after a time, so I was there for that one. Same with WAR Online. When I found out there was an emulator for this game, I couldn't wait to try it. I wanted to try and go in as blind as possible, but with these older games I am aware it is totally possible to bork your character permanently. I also have no idea how classes or the trinity works in this game. On a surface level, the Terran Enforcer and Trader sound cool, they also seem to be the most popular. Progen seemed cool too. Explorers and Traders that can still fight is a neat idea. I also love the fact that the game splits XP up into 3 pools. I'm not planning on going too hard into this, so I will probably only ever bother with one character. Haven't been able to find a guide that actually explained things, so I thought I would come here. Any help is appreciated.
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