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  1. Damn nice work 😍. It amazes me that they added moving textures, for the planets, when they created the game. With this update its really noticeable again......even for those that run in smaller windows. 👍
  2. There are a few other current posts on this so you may want to check those but here are the three things that tend to be the most common (try them one at a time to see if it grants access). Make sure you are running Net-7 launcher v.2.2.0 Make sure you have the appropriate check boxes checked (screenshot attached) net7proxy.exe and main.exe should be set to Compat Mode (screenshot attached) in Windows Defender (if running Win10) the following files MUST have their Public rule enabled to allow access (screenshot attached) LaunchNet7 main (this is the client.exe) net7proxy.exe
  3. NOTE: DOH, realized original post was from 5 years ago. Yeah, RPIng is tough when people take long breaks from the game. Trying to remember all the game details and then RPing to include that....well it takes a bit of work. I think you might have a shot but you would likely need to break RP for some stuff so you MIGHT need a way to distinguish RP from non-RP chat. You might just go full RP and just use whisper's for non-RP stuff. Good luck!😎
  4. Not sure if you mentioned this but if you are launching multiple net-7's/enb clients are you running the same one or different ones? If different ones you will need to grant access in the windows defender for each one. My bet is you do not have a static IP and your service provider is randomly assigning IPs. Some are able to access the login server and some are not. I use a VPN and, very rarely, run into this issue (and get the same invalid password error) and have to change to a different location. NOTE: If you have a slow connection logging multiple clients in will just not work. The login server requires a response in a pretty fast amount of time and it will just hang on the login part (there are three steps from entering password to loading into the game and you can mouse-over the taskbar icon to see what step its on). It would be interesting to see which step you are consistently getting stuck on. I would also be interested in how much traffic is on your network. If you are running a server, hosting anything, have multiple people using the same connection, have someone stealing your wifi, have a bunch of programs eating bandwidth, etc. A few things to try to pinpoint the networking issue (there are several more but I am not an IT guy so you may want to google a few things to try). 1) Run a ping to the server and see what the response is and if it drops a lot. (Start/run/cmd then enter ping sunrise.net-7.org -t) 2) N a trace route and see how many jumps are being made. ((Start/run/cmd then enter tracert sunrise.net-7.org)) 3) Open task manager, select performance, then wifi or ether-net (whichever you are using) and click Open Resource Monitor. See what is using your network and how much of your bandwidth its taking up. 4) Use https://www.speedtest.net/ to identify just how fast your connection is. 5) If you are running wifi and ether-net from the same router try disabling one of them and see if it allows connection (very unlikely unless someone is stealing your wifi bandwidth).
  5. 1) Make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) installed 2) Ensure you are running with an Administrator account and NOT a power user account. 3) Try copying Net-7 and ENB to a drive other than the C drive and running it from there. Windows loves to lock down the C drive. 4) Ensure 'run as administrator' is checked, on the 'Compatibility' tab for the client.exe, LaunchNet7.exe, and Net7proxy.exe 5) Don't disable windows defender/firewall. LaunchNet7, main (this is the client.exe), and net7proxy.exe MUST have their Public rule enabled to allow access. 6) Your modem and /or router could both be blocking access (some modems have routers built into them and will block access if this option is NOT disabled). You would need to login to each device to ensure UDP and TCP connections are not being blocked.
  6. Def seems to be a firewall and/or router issue. Since your Net-7 is connecting and launching the game I would first check your windows firewall. Seems like the client.exe is getting blocked by either your windows firewall, your anti-virus, or your router. Note: If you use a VPN this could also be causing an issue with the IP its connecting from. NOTE: Windows Firewall needs to allow every instance of the client.exe to connect. The client.exe also needs to be running in compat mode.
  7. Happened again. Submitted a ticket but I am not receiving a ticket number. Does that only occur via email? Duplicated: L8 Seal of the Dragon device, L7 Ivory Ward device, L9 Shooting Star Reactor. Lost: L8 200% Unicorn II Stallion reactor, L8 200% Lazarus device and L8 200% Road Runner Plus device. I swapped these items, to travel, and then the game froze. I closed the client and logged back. When I checked hold and ship I noticed the issue.
  8. Always fun to kill stuff while explorers mine. That's a pretty good way to pickup explore and combat xp....especially in Glenn.
  9. Try restarting your PC then relaunch the nett-7 client. Make sure packet opt, prototype reorder, and delete TH6 files are all checked. Ensure the host is sunrise.net-7.org and click the Check button. If it connects check Local IP and, if there are two, select the bottom one. Then try again. Note: There was a windows update recently so your windows firewall may be screwing with the Net-7 client.
  10. Just to make sure, you are not running this on VM ware or an emulator right? NOTE: There are a large number of reasons a program will generate a '1628 setup failed to complete' error. I recommend checking online and trying a few of them (make sure to make a system restore point before making any registry changes. Make sure to have .net framework 3.5 installed. This is required by a lot of older games but Windows very rarely installs it/updates it. I would also check your windows installed options in install/uninstall (programs and features). I would only try installing the game on Windows 7 or Windows 10. Windows 10 you will have to allow your firewall to allow the game to connect to the server, which can be a pain, but a lot of players know about workarounds for Win10 issues. I would recommend installing to a drive that is not the C drive as, depending on your version of windows, the OS might not like. Forget about Net-7 until you get the EnB client installed. There are a number of guides on the forums with step by step guides.
  11. Warrior Classes=>have the most guns/do the most damage but have issues with power (PW, TE, JD) Trader Classes=>Recharge shields, do ok damage, are the healers in the game (PP, TT, JS) Explorer Classes=>Mine and refine ore/gas. Do the least damage, provide other benefits (PS, TS, JE) Terans use Missiles=>long range/kiting combat. Only get L8 reactors but get L9 Engines. Have biggest holds. Progen use Projectiles=>mid range combat. Get L9 shields, engines, and reactors (PS only gets L8 reactor) Jenquai use beams=>close range combat and they can cloak. Only get L8 shields and engines but L9 reactors. If yer only going to play one character, which will be almost impossible, I recommend the Jen Explorer. JE's are useful solo, in groups, and in raids. Nobody ever says, "we have too many JE." It starts with the lowest damage, like several of the classes, but in can Jumpstart (revive) dead players, generates power for others, and is the king of mining. It is a little tricky, since it has small shields (but so does the Terran Scout, another explorer class). It does have Cloak though. JE also get access to the wormhole skill which is an instant port to another location in a different sector. You get different WH locations as you level the skill. Before doing any combat get your JE's Explore to level to 25 so you can get Combat Cloak (all Jen should to do this) as it doubles your dps). You can do this by mining, getting into a tour group, or just exploring nav points.
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