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  1. So because I refused to conform and accept such a offense as saying the word "shit" (in a non harrassing way) and then being pubicly humiliated for it.. I chose to come to the forums to rant as to not disrupt the game and you ban me for that with some twisted version of bucking the system? Sad Sad Day in Earth and Beyond.. Almost feels like EA treatment.. You will never succeed Blacklung if you cant learn to bend alittle.. It will only get worse from here gentlemen.. Your Iron Fist approach will be your doom..
  2. Well Ill be damned, Someone gets it... Finally... Kyp thank you And your absolutely correct and I understand completely why this particular rule is in place.. However in this instance the e&b staff member has to be able to use some common sense to determine if this person (ME) is being mean or hateful or simply useing such word in an attempt to desribe a situation.. Now if I was in the chat channels cursing up one side down the other saying every dirty word in the book Ya something would need to be done.. All I am asking for is intelligence(Common Sense) when applying the rules.. Dont be a robot.. Be realistic with said rules gentleman... And apply them to EVERYONE!! Ryle made a good point about some of the raunchy discussions we see in game.. Nothing is ever said about those and they go on for hours... You cant pick and choose who the rules apply to.. They have to apply to everyone equally.. Thanks Kyp for your imput and please know nothing I have said in this post was directed towards you personally.. I address enb staff as a whole..
  3. So your not going to answer the question... Thats fine... 1. Nothing should have been said period.. I was not being malicious towards anyone least of all a member of the e&b team member so a private pm wasnt needed on either part. 2. Your refusal to acknowledge the root of the issue (what caused all this in the first place) and your tunnel vision (EULA) blinds you to the big picture.. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!!! and was Publicy scolded for it... Come on guys.. I said Shit? Really? Thats insane... 13 years old kids know and say the word Shit all the time... Whats wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!
  4. So do you think the word "Shit" is inappropriate for "young people" ie 13 year olds and above? And if you need screens of the conversation I have them Praetorious...
  5. I do not post much nor do I say alot in game... I find that it keeps me out of trouble because I do not sugar coat things when I say/do them...Some people admire that about me, most people do not. either way it really does not matter to me.. I am who I am So here I am doing some explore jobs on my JE this morning and I noticed SkunkythePP was talking about a situation at home that I could relate too.. with this... reading his description of the situation was very humorous to me because I had dealt with almost exactly the same thing just a little over a year ago... So I decided to tell him in good humor what I did to solve my situation.. anyway I guess there was a point when I typed the word "shit" (describing my situation not attacking someone or calling them a name) in my conversation and was immediately publicly scolded for it... Well boys and girls that didnt set to well with me... hence this wonderful waste of my time and yours post... and now that I am throughly annoyed with this incident here we go... Now let me point out a few important facts... I have personally witnessed far worse language and sexual innuendo from members of this community a multitude of occasions with no repremand of any sort...? Also and I could be wrong and confusing this with another game i have played recently but I could have swore a npc on a mission i have done said the word bastard or something to that effect...? and lets not forget that the minimum age requirment for this game according to the pregame launch agreement is 13 years old...??? Now I dont know where you are from or how you raise your kids and it's none of my business.. However having kids of my own and dealing with the things kids do at 13... I can tell you that the word "shit" is the least of our/my worries.. most 13 year old children of today's society have been subjected to far worse than the word "shit"... even worse things than I at 13 and I was a hell raising heathen... So if it's the "people of all ages" that your protecting you have certainly missed your mark.. Anyway let me stop wasting even more of my time and most importantly your time and let me conclude this post... I am not asking for change... I am not asking for an apology.. I am not asking for anything other than some common sense when enforcing such a rule... I wasnt calling someone a piece of shit.. I merely used the word in context of a sentence describing a situation.. Should I be publicly flogged and then rudely told to "DEAL WITH IT"... I dont think so... I have done nothing to deserve that... I am a reasonable man and if you have used some common sense to enforce your rules then you can kindly send me a private message respectfully explaining your request.. Respectfully written errors and all... LJ
  6. I dont know if this has been posted.. but I thought this to be the perfect place for it to be seen... all of us live players will get a kick out of this... Enjoy [url="http://consumerist.com/2012/04/congratulations-ea-you-are-the-worst-company-in-america-for-2012.html"]http://consumerist.com/2012/04/congratulations-ea-you-are-the-worst-company-in-america-for-2012.html[/url]
  7. well I never got the update server to work right.. so I gave up on that.. I ended up copying my enb folder and my net-7 folder from another computer that was working fine to get things to work... and im back playing on my desktop now... I do see that they are aware of the issue and working on it now so maybe it will get addressed... thanks guys love you love enb... keep up the great work... hope you get this issue with update server addressed soon for the first timers...
  8. I got the same error... they did something to address the original issue I posted about but I still cannot get the install without the exact errors you posted chanlin007... this is annoying me now...
  9. Not yet... I did send a message to a GM about 30 minutes ago.. lets see what happens I guess... I dont know what else to do?
  10. That is a different error than I am getting... not sure if it is related to the update server issue... will not know till we get the update server back up and running...
  11. Well I posted this at 3 am... its now 10 am and no change... Still not updating giving the 404 = Not found error... I wonder if they even know about it?
  12. My computer crashed and I had to reinstall... everything goes in fine until Net-7 looks for updates... and gives me this error... ??[attachment=1456:Picture of Error Message.jpg]
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