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  1. WoodStock Tell Mr Zachman : Fröhliche Weihnachten It won't solve anything , but maybe make him smile ?
  2. first I had to add Net-7.org and patch.net-7.org to Avast for some reason the Antivirus decided that all Net-7 was some infected virus , due to it calling for a Missing .text. Then Windows Button with second button on mouse to get at hidden menu , select network connections Then select change Adapter Option Then second button on working network card for properties Then go down to the line with IpV4 in it and select the properties button Then on General tab , got to the botton and Prefered DNS server and wrote in and
  3. Mr Kyp , with all due respect, you need to delegate those menial jobs and find a new EMU dedicated real life assistant. Glad to hear that you got a job, that you seem to love and that it keep you so busy and that your buying a new house. Super happy it's not another EA closing the game type event either ?
  4. Tried logging on to Teamspeak 3 TS.Net-7.org with no connection either ... that is a first
  5. It seem the server and Net-7 accompanying website are down. Did someone forget to feed the Gerbil running them ? ?
  6. I personnaly use this Pro version , has it's just scan and download install automatically and does a beter job then me these days. The free Version can tell you what drivers and software needed on windows is not at the latest on your machine https://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php
  7. "NET Framework in Windows 10. ... NET 3.5 included with Windows 10" Latest Net framework is at 4.8 , if memory serves me ( and this days it's a hit or miss ) when windows 10 came out a lot of legacy app had issues due to that sucker that got updated almost weekly https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net48
  8. Try https://www.opera.com , it's the one i Use when all the Google , Mozzila and Microsoft give me issues.
  9. no other Mallware controlling software ? Since it's an old game sometime it run afoot of some security software
  10. you run the installation as administrator of your PC ?
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