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  1. Halloween 2020 event is on !! Let'S get in the game and shoot some PumpKins !!! YEEE ahhhhhhhh !
  2. Halloween 2020 As started , The wiki as some clues as to the event occuring https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Halloween_2020 please help complete it if you know something is missing.
  3. use firefox and opera instead
  4. Also Opera ( lower ram foot print ) and Firefox tends to work better with most games and online system.
  5. 1. Chrome as part of the Google ecosystem prefer that you download from there approved and certified own server and Boxed system 2. Chrome also warn about downloading software that are of unknown origins , being an old game, there is no one paying nor interested in certifying it as safe anymore. 3. If they wanted money they would have done like Star Citizen and ask for tons of money and moneytized every ship and item in the game and you would see ads everywhere and popping up every time your moving your mouse. 4. It was put on a sandbox ( no internet ) , no other software installed but OS to see if it dialed , connected or gathered information or did anything else to the OS and other installed communcation software. It only try to dial the ENB emu server depending on the one your asking to connect to. Hope this reassure you and convince you to install and come join us in the game. If not it's your loss really.
  6. Hi , have you tried the forgot password option for wavestone for exemple ? https://www.net-7.org/#cpanel/accounts
  7. hi, When you go to https://www.net-7.org/#cpanel/transfer what do you see ?
  8. Thanks Woodstock Your message got me logging into firefox on my old computer and there is a show password / View logins option that allow users to see login and password. My password was correct I just had one letter in higher case , instead of lower case for it. It's all fixed and ok now , thanks for the fast reply and help.
  9. Forum account = Display Name WhiteOwl Change Email Address whiteowlenb@gmail.com
  10. Hello , I recently bought a new computer , Trying to migrate this account to the new computer I have 2 problems : I lost this account password and I lost the password to the Gmail account this account is linked to. can I get some help ? Thanks
  11. The Sequel is even better than chapter 1 DefinatlyTwo Wings Up !!!
  12. Incredible storytelling, worth a read for anyone who as not done so yet. Two Wings up !!!
  13. WhiteOwl


    Awesome, Two Thumbs or wings up !!!
  14. Great Content, you should write some more
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