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  1. ahh thanks!! did it on my TT OL 121, and bad faction with Bogs.
  2. Is Zeke's missions for any race/profession? And are there faction requirements? I can't get him to talk to my PW, i have the 3x of the 3 required moonshines. no action button avail. Wiki and all other sources have no info on faction/profession. Thanks!
  3. Ahh Woodstock, Thanks, just noted "Prototype Reorder" was not checked. Could have sworn it was. all Left side boxes (4) are now checked am testing it now.
  4. I am having this issue as well, New install on windows 10 pro x64. Worked fine on my windows 7 on same PC. So far, I have shut down/Disabled: Windows firewall Ran Spybot Anti-beacon and blocked all the Ad/built in spy MS installed Disabled IPV6 Shut down all unnecessary background programs... Disabled Xbox DVR I can't Gate or dock, i get hangs on loading screen. Login works fine. Just unsure where to go next... never had this issue before. Now i am regretting upgrading to windows 10. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. The problem I keep having is I canot find the lucky charm at nav 8ish in Roc. I have to speed by and sneak around the bullyweres and cannot ever locate it. Great place to put it for a CL 30 requirement. I quit after several thousand in debt.
  6. WOW thanks Hestha, That did the trick. instead of using Move, i selected Maximize and its back. then i dragged it back to normal size and position.
  7. Hello, I updated my N7 client today to log in, and i think i accidentally minimized it by pressing the _ on the launcher top RH corner area. Now, when I launch N7 it shows on my task bar, and i can get a mouse over preview window, but it will not "maximize" so I can launch. when I right click it all I get is LaunchNet7.exe Shortcut, Pin Program to Taskbar, or Close window. double clicking does not help. I have also rebooted, still same. Ran as Admin also, no help. Task manager Switch to.. does not work, not even ALT+TAB will bring it up. Any Ideas? I may have to reinstall N7 but wanted to try help first. Thanks in Advance!
  8. ahh ok the CL is the part i am missng. I did the condolances mission already the other night, and she told me to just go. and leave her alone while she processes all of this.... (paraphrasing)      Thanks for the info folks Fly safe!!
  9. I have looked around and cannot find the mission starter for this one. (der Todesengel  Gate key mission)  I was told in game it was adm Diego Herrera on Zweihandler planet base, but all he gives is Distressed PSI  missions after you do the 2 available tasks. Distressed PSI deliver blankets to 61 cygni  and Deliver letter of condolences to Lady deWinter.   Is there a certain level or faction requirement to get mission?   Thanks in advance.  
  10. Not to be an "Old Post Muddled Drugder"  but  My DSL has crapped out on me and I tethered my phone to my pc via USB and I got this error tonight also.    I also get this when I travel and use a Hotel's ISP can someone explain what this means exactly?  Is it due to some kinda proxy connection?   Fortunately I have a VZW phone that does wireless hotspot and it logs in without any problems.   Just curious. Thanks in advance.
  11. Is it an  EnB spreadsheet or EVE online? the link is broken and it has EVE in the title. I have a link to google docs on a spreadsheet that was being worked on by players. I don't know if it is up to date or accurate but here's a link to it.   a Link to a Loot list on EnB from around late 2013-to may 2014   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvsVqb61PKWKdG12R29aa0taazdPOXAxUjZnMlhNYmc#gid=0
  12. ahh so its a lowbie quest? i prolly overleveled it on my JE.  Thanks!
  13. Can anyone tell me what Jhola's Wisdom is for? I can't seem to find any info on it.    I searched the forums on only found 1 entry saying it was added in june 2010. I can't seem to find anyone that will talk to me if its a mission component.   Thanks!
  14. I saw something on Enbx about proxytunnel. not sure if it is what you need but heres a link http://proxytunnel.sourceforge.net/
  15. Harros!!! AH HA! a fellow  Engie!! greetings from an old TFC and TF2er!
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