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  1.   I tried it just now, and I was finally able to log in again.  Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Hi, I played EnB back on original release, and I am glad to see that the game has been revived.  I'm trying to learn/relearn some things though, so I need some advice to prevent mistakes or help me recover from them...   1) It is possible to change my ship colors and avatar clothes later on, right?  I'm not stuck with my first choices, am I? 2) What about making mistakes with skill points?  Can I ever undo one of them, or do I have to reroll the character?  I thought the original game had no way to undo a skill purchase.  I'm hoping that's changed. 3) I have a Jenquai Trader that I'm thinking of devoting to manufacturing.  To gain a few more skill points, would it completely ruin the in-game survivability if I take Devices and Reactors only to 7 rather than 9?  (see question #2, lol) 4) As a Jenquai Defender, is it wise to max a 2nd weapon skill or will beams suffice?  If so, is it more useful (considering bonuses they confer) to equip missile or projectile weapons?   Thanks in advance for your help and opinions.
  3. I was running fine until this weekend.  I logged in, chose my characters, saw the galaxy loading map, then.... back to login screen again.   I tried the DNS flush, but that didn't help.  I fixed it by following the instructions to add the DNS records to my local HOSTS file. play.net-7.org sunrise.net-7.org www.net-7.org patch.enbemulator.com   I am able to play again.
  4. Ugh, thank you.  You have to disagree with him (but only at the right moment) in order to progress.  I followed the option tree until I hit the right combination.  I'm finally on the mission now.
  5. You're right, you're right... I had not finished a starter mission thread yet.  My bad.     edit:  Or not.  It didn't help.   I also did the "Training for Business' mission with Jade Jango on the same station, and that didn't help with Synjin Talbot either.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's a bug.  I'm currently level 21, and I still can't get my level 15 skills.  :(
  6. I've currently got the following skills.   Beam Weapon Device Tech Engine Tech Fold Space Reactor Tech Recharge Shields Shield Tech   Is there someplace that lists a common progression of missions for each class?  Maybe I could see if I skipped something important?
  7. I'm trying my hand as a Jenquai Seeker, and I'm currently overall level 16.  I wanted to learn to build components, and the skill description told me to visit Synjin Talbot upon reaching level 15.  I did.  Instead of the "All In A Day's Work" mission, though, he just tells me that he's not in the mood to talk.  Am I missing something obvious?  (No other requirement is mentioned in the help text for the Build Components skill.)
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