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  1. no Problems here in signing in
  2. ** as I said cooler today here is my 7 day weather forecast its actual just warm all week we call it hot here until it is above 105
  3. The Usual in game people asking where the yeti is, Glad to hear you are on the mend talk more when you are in game .
  4. I was flying through Menorb on the way to the Androzari station , i have always stopped at Nav Menorb 3 the target the station since the station is a grav well. this time however ecach time I done this I am getting routed allover the place to get to to then next nav in line
  5. the concrete is a refine not a build as such it wont show on your build list.
  6. Best answer at this time if your referring to the station. Is when the story line requires it to be finished
  7. access to the forums on my cell phone is glacially slow I am at home now which its almost instantaneous access, but my cell phone i use to read the forums while i am at lunch at work  it take what seems like for ever  to load,  up until about two weeks ago it did load relatively fast  (AT&T Galaxy S4)
  8. they are NOT at the camp.......undock and target they are close to the station
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