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  1. sorry nut is toon who looted it
  2. i looted a non trade able item by mistake. invincible bastion it needs to go to toon XZITIX he should have it please fix my screw up thank you.
  3. yup thank you someone helped us in my wife guild and we have it working.
  4. ok can get enb config to work but i still can`t get windows full screen on game?
  5. ok on 9/18/2019 game stopped working for me. wife could not get it to work next day. came home for work no luck. did complete uninstall but enb config did not work tried everything i have sen in forums did nt work. did uninstall and reinstall did not work. on reinstall on net 7 is is recognizing game might be the demo i installed 1st. so de we have a link for just the enb config? i`m at a lost and would like full screen again. i tried from tools in launcher and in drive it just won`t run. thank you for any help
  6. nut

    full screen

    ok found configuration screen hit windows mode put in correct resolution but still can`t get full screen mode.
  7. ok running windows 10 trying to get back in game fresh computer fresh downloads. how do i get it in full screen mode. i have it on my my old comp (windows 7) but can`t find it on this comp ( windows 10) . thanks for help
  8. or not looks like luck of the draw.
  9. looks like login server is up again.....thank you
  10. yea its not working tried comp that i know was not updated today and it won`t work. gues we have to wait for everyone to ctd.
  11. ok ctd gating now i get inv. 300 error had no issue until now with this. anyone help?
  12. WOOOOOT!!!! you rock avani the wife thanks you
  13. My link read this thats how i fixed it but not get inv 300 error
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