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  1. I'm trying to play a Progen Privateer (since they weren't in the game initially) and am having some trouble with one of the starting missions. I'm supposed to find this freighter, the instructions tell me to go scan the mars gate (but not to go through it) which I do. I'm told the freighter left to the east and to investigate some odd energy spikes. I have no idea how to do this, there is a giant astroid with a waypoint/warp I can do to it to the "east" on the map, but when I go there, I find nothing. I forfeited the mission and am going to try and restart it, in case it's a bug with spawning something, but in case it's not, can anyone tell me how this one is supposed to work? If it's not doable, no biggie, I can just go with one of the normal classes that were in the game originally, and presumably that should work better.
  2. [quote name='wootage' timestamp='1340413138' post='59563'] The external configuration utility should have fixed you up so it runs right. Try a resolution of 1280x960, which is native to the app, and see if Winlose manages to display it properly. I would also check the Properties of the main E&B files to ensure they're in Run as Admin and Compatibility mode, and that they're not forced to 640 oranything weird. If all that doesn't fix it, open your video card's control panel and see if you can set a profile for the game that forces the right resolution. Lastly, [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/6404-net7configexe-for-running-custom-resolutions/"]in this post[/url], there's mention of a custom resolution setter, but I can't see the file to download it. Maybe you can. [/quote] I got it working, thanks for the response. I put it in 1280x960 and that seemed to do the trick.
  3. I just heard about this EMU a couple hours ago while playing STO, and having fond memories of this game when it first ran (I was known as Caesarion on the Orion Server once upon a time) so thought I might try it again. The install has been pretty smooth so far, and I've got it running, HOWEVER whenever the game loads it comes up in this tiny window and I can't read the text in the chat mode or much of anything. I tried fixing this by going into the config program in the game directory and it SEEMED to work (ran the polygon test successfully and everything) but when I start the game I'm still stuck in windowed mode. I'm running this through the NET 7 client (the E&B icon just hung when I tried to use it). I'm thinking I must be missing a configuration window somewhere. The game itself (under video in options) doesn't seem to have an option to mess with the display. Hopefully I'm being clear enough, and someone can let me know how to fix this.
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