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  1. Hi Rita;
    I'm a TT lv 62  (I'll explain) on the lv 30 upgrade. 
    I was in invertness with a JE grouped. I saw Roland Homes and and about to talk with him when the JE opened fire on him and killed Homes. JE said that homes fired first. Domb, I told him that homes was my mission. I told him I was not to kill him. 

    Now Homes takes my lenses and don't want to talk to me , tells me go away. Message pops up and says that Homes is involved with another player and to come back later. I did, but every time I go back , days and a whole week later, the same thing he takes my lenses and tells me to go away. Message pops up.

    If I forfeit the mission can I do the mission again or is this a one time deal.
    I'm now lv 62 and had my lv 60 upgrade and it went fine but I think my lv 30 incomplete upgrade has left me with a missed ship slot ( i think) that the lv 30 mission upgrade may have offered.
    Input please
    Joe the JE

    1. Riia



      I can not help you. I do not have access to the Gm tools. You have to speak to a GM. I believe Woodstock would be more than happy to help you.



    2. jmontaperto135@gmail.com


      okay Rita.I'll do that,  thanks for the reply

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