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  1. yes i have tried both of those, im running on an Asus laptop, windows 10.. tried everything i can think of..pretty frustrating.
  2. Ok so i put a post under .exe not working, im losing my mind over here trying to figure this out... i have installed net-7 launcher and the starship creator.. however the demo.exe file wont open, wont start wont do anything.. its like its a dead file or something????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  3. like i downloaded the client, i can see it in my Downloads folder, when i open it... nothing happens.. the windows thinking icon comes up for 2 seconds and then nothing... at all...
  4. So after a long time away from the game, i decided to play again.. well, thats what i thought anyways.. im running on an Asus ROGstrix laptop, and my eandb_demo.exe folder wont open when i click it, or right click/open, run as admin nothing is working. I'd love to play again as it was one of my fav games growing up, but i cant seem to figure this out.. any help would be appreciated
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