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  1. Hmm, interesting. I like the idea of the scan debuff for all. Why not take it further to a hull/shield point averager, so that every class is within 1-3k of another class for more fairness sake. For rewards, perhaps "certificates of Hardware engineering" for bonus device hardpoints or weapons hardpoints. And yet... to completely rip my own idea to shreds, that would take considerable tweaking to the game core itself, not something which we can really do currently. Hmm, I love the thought of the Orion Nebula... Question however. Which sector in game currently would this new area be connected to?
  2. I should point out that in addition to Lann's points in his first post. There are other distractions out there in the mmo world. One of those started in December and its a great deal of fun. However, there is also the stark reality of the real life situation of many many people to consider. Players who used to come on may have been victim of circumstances beyond their control... Then again, who among us is not a fan of star wars in some respect? When one can play [and admittedly pay =\ ] a game where graphics look absolutely stunning with multiple choice storylines for different classes, only encountering some lag on the space stations with a crowd of people.. And I'm just telling it like it is from my perspective... But yet, there are problems where even the latest games fall short. Not being able to personalize the clothing colors for example.. I'm always reminded that the community of this game is far more friendly in general to people, and I like the music too. I do agree with the suggestion of if there is a potential wipe, some sort of older character remaining system. I also agree that the seeker needs more seeker-ish things to do, but again it all takes time.. Time that alot of us older gamers are starting to find in shorter supply as the world marches on. We don't need a wipe until the situation is correct for it to happen.
  3. Heh, please note that my experience is likely 6 months ago. Havent tried it recently, but again, if you're trying for an opinion, that vote is my thoughts on it. Though, I imagine you'll want some far more recent thoughts on this subject.
  4. hmm, pity. That WOULD be a good skill if it is remotely possible...
  5. This idea came to me yesterday... Mining in Glenn, I had a sudden brainstorm. Why not, instead of slowly mining each cloud or rock one by one thats near your ship, instead just click once and all rocks/clouds within 2.5k radius of your ship would be mined? Now, depending on the number of clouds or rocks in proximity would determine the amount of reactor consumed, so its possibly a 135 skill.. Would such a skill be possible?
  6. For the most part, now the larger guilds are more like public celebreties being watched. Most of those are pretty decent folk out there.... But there are those who simply don't like big guilds due to their size. Yet, I recieved a lesson in big guilds arent always bad on Lineage 2. While Lineage2 is a different game with a completely different guild/clan system. I've learned its largely the people in the clan/guild who can make or break a fellow member's experience. I was with a small clan/alliance in which the leader suddenly expressed a desire to get a better clan allied, and at the time, I was for it. Yet, in bringing that clan into the fold, certain additional layers unknown to me were also brought in. No one at the time explained anything to me because then I could not see my own lack of understanding. It boils down to politics really. And this was a smaller clan/alliance.. Now, I'm in a large clan/alliance which people hardly ever comment on clan or ally issues. Granted, I'm not on as much as I used to be, but still, for a game that supposedly has a restriction on politics. The way its setup is completely hypocritical to its own restrictions. Just as the one clan leader /council absolutely failed to do anything to truly assist in broadening my understanding of the situation with the correct wording. Now, the clan I joined that was far larger in size than the clan that basically played politics around me, this clan answered my questions. They seem to be primarily focused on playing the game, which means a great deal to me. IMO, the good clan or guild is one that doesnt hide info from its members and answers what is asked to their knowledge. Every clan wants to look the best in its members eyes, but honesty shouldnt be thrown to the wayside in pursuit of image. In the clan I was part of for most of my time in Lineage 2, we members were not told much of what any leaders discussed. Believe it or not, that clan also had , in keeping with the game chat restrictions, a no politics rule. Yet so much of what went on in that small clan's forum seemed to be politics. What it really comes down to with guilds in EnB or anywhere else is the people who make up the guild structure. Big guilds can be really nice or like the Borg, but it still comes down to the type of people. You get the Borg feeling from those who seem to be bully types or those who abuse the size of their guild. Its also personal preference, and one that doesnt require a thread like this to sort out.
  7. Glad you are working to fix the problem.
  8. On the subject on toon planning... In the seeker planner, Reactor Optimization is missing from the skill list. I'm sure some know of this, just want to make sure its known. Kinda throws planning off when a skill is missing.
  9. Thats how I got the crystal force emitter and the vibrant barrier and crystal dynamo... In some ways, I think if you do combat jobs too much, possibly there is reason for too many items.. At least Zethren ti isnt in the job mob category that I know of, that would really be a break to the system.
  10. Myself included in this.. Was focused on getting my TS to over L100 today. I had several episodes of what others have described here.. Gate crashes, login trouble, server would reset me in the zone I was trying to leave, warping by nav was awry sometimes... It was so so frustrating.. but I got to the goal I set.
  11. I say go devices, after all, at least at the moment, I'm not too crazy about pushing any toons engines up past 7, let alone 9, so devices it is.
  12. Its encouraging to have these sort of threads. Get well soon Milo
  13. I really like Tienbau's offer... Course, it varies person to person as far as what may or may not have gone well during play, but I really like the idea and second it.
  14. Amen.. I was just on my scout trying to kite.. and mob ran away, but in its running away, never fired on me from nearly point blank range and my scout has a 2k sig... So yeah, this is signed. I agree that the tether should be lengthened considerably.
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