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  1. I wouldn't know on eve online, nor Star Trek Online... However, I do know that no man's sky has a large 8 gb update downloading for me currently... A number of years ago, I heard that a fair number of people thought that there were too many online games.... Look what we have now all over; online this, online that... I'm more happy to play offline games for the most part. Sure I enjoy this game, but its nice to have an offline game or two...
  2. Funny thing, used to play SWTOR, but unsubbed for now... Been reading various things on alternatehistory.com forums... Playing American Truck Simulator... There's been a bit going on. Will be glad to see this back up... Thank you for all that you do to keep this running, much appreciated. Even with some of the issues that pop up every so often.
  3. So, that other suggestion thread where the new player talks of the difficulty with navs and getting from progen starter space to the progen shipyard inspired me to begin to create a sort of nav point index for the game... The way I have it sert up right now is... Column A is the sector of the system. Column B is the Nav point name. Column C is the danger level of the Nav point. Column D is in regards to NPC faction and behaviour at said nav. Column E is for faction control, like pertaining to Red Dragons or Chavez. I feel like there could be a Column F for remarks... But not sure.. Thus far, each sheet represents a whole system, starting with Sol, Aragoth, Beta Hydri, Capella, Sirius, Castor, Antares, and so on. The pattern is that they are grouped by faction basically, the only outlier is the Alpha/Proxima Centauri System, which in fact is a trinary star, so these systems are on one sheet. Anyway, this would give people an idea of what to watch for and especially it would let new players know more about navigating the game. What do you think?
  4. This game was my first MMorg way back in the day... Its better now than way back then, but it is a bit of a waiting game in aspects. Warping admittedly takes time and isnt segmented like newer games.. To some extent, this game isn't solo in a number of ways, but I certainly tried my best to play solo most of the time for much of the first year. but after that.. wormholes, raid groups, touring... Yeah, higher levels end up grouping more, mostly out of some sort of necessity, be it travel, raiding or touring. A possible suggestion would be to have a map of sectors and navs that show the npc danger according to the nav. Example of Varen's Girdle, where most of the navs in the sector would be yellow or read [hostiles patrolling the nav or in visibility distance of said nav]. A spreadsheet could be done alternatively too for this... Because generally, when one is new, they're going from nav to nav like we generally did the first time not really knowing much else. I could help that way in time... Maybe?
  5. Hope this ok to dredge up, been a few months... Lost my own desktop couple years back, now using laptops... And here I thought 2 computers going at once was bad enough...
  6. That was a bit of a Menacing mission [ahem], but in the end, I was able to get that parts needed. Something I found last night was that dismantling certain missile launchers will reveal the Athanor part. [due to the portal being down as of 1/24, 530am; leaving this info here.]
  7. It looks as if they decided to divide that mission up so it takes most of the starter levels to complete, but yeah, I had issues with this last night. Make sure to scroll thru your targets every so often because there might be something you arent seeing... That said, forfeit and re-acquire the mission if you can [luckily I could...] and using the targeting, I found what was needed and progressed.
  8. So, I submitted a ticket on this mission earlier today, before the portal went down. But it seems that Dr. B'nzen H'neyood? in Ishuan station is not talking to Terrans, even with the Electro superinducer in the inventory, and its only step 1/7! Needs to be looked at or fixed; or a work around that automatically pushes character forward a step or two... Something to fix it anyway...
  9. Server seems to be offline, cannot log in.. Also, Net 7 portal seems to be down too. As of 1/24, 5:10 am pacific that is... At 538 am, portal looks to be back up, as does the game. Thank you.
  10. Hmm, interesting. I like the idea of the scan debuff for all. Why not take it further to a hull/shield point averager, so that every class is within 1-3k of another class for more fairness sake. For rewards, perhaps "certificates of Hardware engineering" for bonus device hardpoints or weapons hardpoints. And yet... to completely rip my own idea to shreds, that would take considerable tweaking to the game core itself, not something which we can really do currently. Hmm, I love the thought of the Orion Nebula... Question however. Which sector in game currently would this new area be connected to?
  11. I should point out that in addition to Lann's points in his first post. There are other distractions out there in the mmo world. One of those started in December and its a great deal of fun. However, there is also the stark reality of the real life situation of many many people to consider. Players who used to come on may have been victim of circumstances beyond their control... Then again, who among us is not a fan of star wars in some respect? When one can play [and admittedly pay =\ ] a game where graphics look absolutely stunning with multiple choice storylines for different classes, only encountering some lag on the space stations with a crowd of people.. And I'm just telling it like it is from my perspective... But yet, there are problems where even the latest games fall short. Not being able to personalize the clothing colors for example.. I'm always reminded that the community of this game is far more friendly in general to people, and I like the music too. I do agree with the suggestion of if there is a potential wipe, some sort of older character remaining system. I also agree that the seeker needs more seeker-ish things to do, but again it all takes time.. Time that alot of us older gamers are starting to find in shorter supply as the world marches on. We don't need a wipe until the situation is correct for it to happen.
  12. Heh, please note that my experience is likely 6 months ago. Havent tried it recently, but again, if you're trying for an opinion, that vote is my thoughts on it. Though, I imagine you'll want some far more recent thoughts on this subject.
  13. hmm, pity. That WOULD be a good skill if it is remotely possible...
  14. This idea came to me yesterday... Mining in Glenn, I had a sudden brainstorm. Why not, instead of slowly mining each cloud or rock one by one thats near your ship, instead just click once and all rocks/clouds within 2.5k radius of your ship would be mined? Now, depending on the number of clouds or rocks in proximity would determine the amount of reactor consumed, so its possibly a 135 skill.. Would such a skill be possible?
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