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    Animator/Graphics artist/bunch of related stuff in content development.
    CNC Technician (sort of like programming big mech warriors to sharpen #2 pencils)
    Motorcycles - Cruisers
    My most played games for 2011: Battlefield 2142, EVE, EQ1, Guild Wars, Oblivion. This year: some EnB again, a little Naev, more EVE when I get a better connection back, possibly BF3 if I build a puter later this year, no more highfantasy :P
  1. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1328022805' post='52808'] On one hand you object being told to go away but on the other you tell those that have some non positive PvP thoughts to express in this discussion, to go away. Seems funny to me. [/quote]Where did I tell him to go away? I told youuuu to start a new thread, since you are upset that we are discussing the topic "how to make it fun". I never told him to go play EVE. There is "go away" and there is "start a new topic" (that I told you), it's not the same. I see were this is going though, I'm not going to stay here and be attacked by you while trying to discuss the actual topic. This is why I don’t donate any longer since ST2. Not about having my way or not, but the hostility with discussions here, by devs mainly. peace out
  2. [quote name='Terrell' timestamp='1327970050' post='52769'] Not a fan of PvP for this game, but if there is to be a sector for it, fine, but don't make it so that you have to PvP to get good equipment for your class. Equipment should be available for each class through PvE so those who aren't interested in PvP don't have to participate to get the best things for one's toon. Or there should be alternate methods to get said items. [/quote]Yep, just like I said above, we agree on that. It's actually common for people that pvp, having characters for pvp and other characters purely for pvm. Remember that this is more of a mature community here, the game is old and most of us more than match it's age. Age tends to lead us to a desire for more variety, rather than the same old thing over and over. So the basic difference that I propose is much like pvp loadouts in EVE, sort of like that, but not exactly. When you go pvp, you get your pvp loadout (such as my Scorpion with a pvp loadout). When you go hunt mobs, you pick up the loadout that works best against mobs, but it's no good for pvp. In this case, I'd like to see the difference in that as one is completely no good for the other, and you cannot even pvp unless you have the right equipment installed and in the right sectors where pvm players have no interest to be for any reason, especially for drops.
  3. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1327968884' post='52763'] New items for the New Classes, NPC drops or Token rewards, Non-tradeable Non-manufacture eh eh ? Now we're talking.[/quote] Token rewards? Like trade ins? I understand NPC drops, yes. PvP cenetric items I would think, so that non-pvp players have no reason to venture in for pvm items. Roids could do the same, Some new drops only for pvp manufacturing. Maybe make regular ammo worthless, gives us a reason to mine and even fight over limited resources so we can keep fighting. [quote name='Phorlaug' timestamp='1327968884' post='52763']But I seriously would like to see New Class items way sooner than this PvP would ever come to fruition.[/quote]That shouldn't be too far off now.
  4. [quote name='Brixun' timestamp='1327967692' post='52762'] ego-mongers [/quote]If you actually read the topic, some of us our batting around the idea of other/new zones. Unless you are in those other pvp zones, you won't even know pvp exists, and there won't be any reason for you to be there unless you pvp. Lets keep the name calling down to a minimum, please.
  5. [quote name='Mimir' timestamp='1327965549' post='52759'] ote] Soo what you are saying is that only pro PvP comments are welcome in this thread? I have it now. So when PvP comes into the game it will be, "you had your chance to object and you didn't say anything" [/quote] There is a difference between discussing options for pvp and just posting "go play EVE", isn't there? Thought this thread was about discussing pvp "how to make it fun", not debating whether or not we are welcomed to play this game. After all the Mod entitled it “Pvp Discussion - how to make it fun” and that was what I thought the topic was about. Maybe start another thread “Pvp? - go play EVE!” or something? See, title is different. "PvP - good for EnB?" see, different title. "how to make it fun". I didn't write it, but that is sort of how it appears.
  6. We build wagon train cities, put our bases in the middle, watched them day and night, or as much as we could. In this case for EnB, I was thinking more of an opportunity timer, bases become attackable every 8 or 12 hours. Sort of like EVE faction timers, but those were once a day and usually around noon London time hah which was crud time for us Yanks. Timers because we have less people in this game, so bigger battles if not just a persistent base attack grind, which would dwindle in participation. But there would always be other things to fight over for small groups, like defending miners, so they can make pvp ammo, or even base repair etc.
  7. Daywolf

    Job Terminals

    Yeah I've noticed recently it only spewing out a few combat jobs. I don't know if it's broken or intentional. One set may offer twelve combat jobs, you wait for a refresh to grab a couple more jobs going your way and three come up.
  8. What, pre-CU? I never stuck around for pvp post-NGE. I was into base busting and defense, an MBH General with piles of base deeds, hardly even hunted Jedee. Ummm... EVE used to have good plex battles, but then they turned it into some sort of pvm bomber runs for factions. Probably best example would be Allegiance if you ever looked into that one. Played PlanetSide for years, more base busting etc. WWII Online, even more base busting. It’s usually what draws more civil pvp :D
  9. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1327958166' post='52735'] or a 6xJD gank squad, AWWWWWW YEAAAAA! [/quote]lol yeah, well that is end result however you cut it. I'm all for small group battles, more or less with around 20 players fighting it out in a gravity well. Even to whatever can be easiest implemented, it's at least a start.
  10. Donuts, is there anything they can't do?!?
  11. [quote name='Amethyst' timestamp='1327955278' post='52732'] This is a whole can of worms. The end result is the few people with the biggest groups, best skills, best ships and best kit simply ganks everyone else. I'd rather effort was spent getting the core game fully functional without PvP. If you want PvP go play Eve! [/quote]Who is talking about doing this before the core game is fully functional? Lets be rational on this topic please, it's a discussion, and a Moderator opened this thread for us to discuss the issue if we wish to. I do play EVE (as most do who play EnB), what do you want to know about that game? Maybe you can start another topic on EVE for your questions. But this is a preliminary discussion, not a "I want" or "I don't want" debate/poll. One day EnB will have pvp, inevitably, since this still remains a community project, and will return to opensource at some point in all likelihood, which would make it even more likely for pvp development if not done sooner rather than later. So lets be mature, and stop telling members of the community to go away, that’s just rude. As far as effort spent, if they did pick up a pvp project, I'm sure additional volunteers could be easily persuaded to produce the work so that the current endeavor isn't any lessened. A lot of people here with content dev skills, that probably wouldn’t volunteer otherwise.
  12. Yeah, making pvp sectors I mentioned back in 2010 is one way to do it, and the easiest. Matches are maybe the best in some respects, but then it would take more to develop the system, mainly if it’s done right using instancing. The idea of sectors was that the factions have bases on a timer, can only be conquered at set time intervals. Can be one main base per player faction or even a number of them at strategic locations. Some automated base defenses, but pretty much minimal. As far as mobs in the sectors, maybe they drop PvP gear, parts and recipes. So pvp can reside in these sectors 24/7, including mining for special resources for pvp gear construction. But the real call to arms for fleet maneuvers comes with base timers allowing for bases to be conquered or even destroyed (at least deactivated). Bases could give some sort of benefit if remaining active after the battle, since inactive bases are more inclined to put all resources to repair and reactivation in preparation for the next interval. Beyiond the basics: Then I’d maybe add gate flags, only letting in pvp flagged characters which cant pvp outside of the sectors. This is just so non-pvp characters cannot interfere as sometimes happens outside of design. No worry though, I mean if pvm weapons cannot do any damage to players, then they would need pvp gear to defend themselves anyway, apart from spying and running away really fast heh Another maybe in my mind is just making new classes, even starting at 150, whatever, right into the pvp sectors, new skills, weapons, all balanced out of the box. Forget the level grind, just work on kill scores, hunt after rare components etc. Worthless out of the PvP sectors though, not for regular pvm at all imo.
  13. Wipe countdown? You may have time to max a character or two, or maybe a whole account of characters. No time soon. Really, it's a different story-line here for the most part. Unless you went around writing down everything all the NPC dialog said; most of that stuff is lost as it's part of their database and not located in the client. So it's all about little bits of what people remember along with writing in the rest of the content with what works.
  14. [quote name='Hatu' timestamp='1327907369' post='52696'] There are definitely uglier MMO's in the sea Every person/group that has contacted EA over the years has probably done so in a different way, but the process is the same. EA is a business and the way they run things is very regimented and corporate. If you were to approach EA about buying the game outright, they would assess you BEFORE anything to determine if you're blowing smoke up their ass or legitimately a contender to buy and run an MMORPG. If you approached EA as an Indie start-up you wouldn't get far and you wouldn't be given a bottom number. There would be an extensive interview about you before they said much at all about them. Just to see if you're capable of actually doing something with the game. If the $150k was a genuine number, you could bet that's the "I'm a Nobody Game Company" price, if any established companies sought EnB ought it would be a lot more expensive. Keep in mind, all of the companies that fall under this category are EA's competition. EDIT: Ew, the smiley's aren't working right =/ [/quote]Pretty much sums up what I've said in this thread Of course this is EA, not really a game engine company that gives quotes, and if they gave any quote, whoever was doing it must have been hitting the sauce which in that case is possible, for a laugh on someone elses expense (that sounds like EA at least)
  15. [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1313"][img]https://forum.enb-emulator.com/uploads/monthly_01_2012/post-1114-0-43270500-1327749313.gif[/img][/url] ... [img]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n159/l33tace/various/fragit.gif[/img]
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