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  1. Hi My lvl 15 Progen Warrior was trying to get its frist hull upgrade at Primus Shipyards. As Primus was unexplored I was going a Nav Point at a time, until I run into a gang of 50 lvl Vryx. They single shoted and killed me 10 times over before I could warp again. Cost 117755 credits repair and to from Primus to Arx Tiberius, Tarsis system next door. I had at the time around 128000 credits... so I was let with about 10300. What will happen next time I die like this ? I probably wont be able to for pay it. I do think this is far too expensive. I also have a 41 Progen Privateer that died a lot and never have I paid anything like this.
  2. Hi Anyone has an idea on where to get the needed components for this mission ? Athanor Standard Mounts Blackbox G12 Cyclo 50ghz Modulator From what I gather the first 2 are from drops and the 3rd may be bought. Problem is I have no Idea where to start. Many thanks Viktoriana
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