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  1. Bump, probably just broke one of the forum rules, but how else am i supposed to get my post qty up ASAP lol ah well u see, to able to change display name... yep, we need 5-6 posts b4 we allowed lol
  2. need 5 or 6 posts to be able to vote, hope its automatic switch to allow voting when we reach the required amount :D
  3. yeah me too cant find anything else worth posting on, with out being classed as a troll...... trolololol :D
  4. is the small extra DPS on these better than the ocelot's plasma dmg type? as plasma causes a sort of bleed effect?
  5. 6 it told me 5 lol ive even done a donation, that shud even allow me to vote lol
  6. im trying to vote on the advocate thing but cant as i have never posted before and need 5 approved posts before i can vote, i have never read the forums nor needed to post, but i do want to vote on this advocate for my guild friend :(
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