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  1. Howdy all, it has been quite a while since i have been on ENB, just cruising around and catching up again, has there been any motions on a standalone option yet?!
  2. Hi Guys, found this to be a interesting article.   http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/02/12/john-smedley-content-sandbox-mmorpg/    
  3. I take my hat off to the team as it is as you cannot please everyone, and i think that if the team doubled in size then maybe seriuos head way could be made in terms of pushing new content.
  4. Hi Guys, i have been away for quite a while as well and logged in again, found my 2 toons back  to zero. Hope to see some of you online soon.
  5. Hi guys, did this get dropped off the planned radar?
  6. Sounds VERY awesome, but a point to ponder, what about creating a device for each of those Specialisations so that you can always change tactics should it be required?
  7. Hi Guys, not been around for a very long time and see alot of new changes etc, so plunging back into ENB for a while! Could anyone direct myself to a Updated offline printable Map please? Thank you! TIMMEH!
  8. Guys - what and why is the PW level 30 HU mission beyond ridiculusly long, over complicated and unchecked(spelling, vague instructions, incorrect locations)? since i am not involved with the behind the scene content testing/checking will assume that there is a small group that is? Are people not submitting issue reports and faults to the rest of the team for correction? What and why and who was given the go ahead to deviate from the original mission types and concepts? from what i can recall the end objective was to get the game to what is was at live? has this changed?!
  9. Hi Guys, has anyone got the old instructions / Web Site on setting up the stand alone server please? It used to be pinned on the old forums. Thanks
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