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  1. Grail Water is not a problem, Syber mines it all to use for his Coffee, so when ever he gives me a cup I refine it back to GW  =)
  2. Efi,  I simply saw that it was forming, then in progress, as to who or why it happened as it did I do not know   Zzexx,  I was going to check for an item in the vault (missing 2 looted bile cannon)  My wife had plans for me and I did not have time for a raid, my point was in regards to no announcement of the raid forming.     "This has all happened before, And it will all happen again"
  3. There will be no change We can complain, point out facts, state opinions till we are blue in the face Things will not change     "The community" and all matters related anything effecting said 'Community" are decided by a small and select group of people Those who have "Earned" the right to make such decisions   Why wont said guilds state how many members they have?  Not total toons mind you, but people, ACTIVE people The rotation was set up to stop "Fighting over the spawns"  But now it has evolved into "Its ours and we will do with it as we wish"   All guilds/Groups are guilty,  As I type this the Public is in DT doing the raid, Ive been in game for 3 hours now, not 1 mention in chat that the raid was forming.  And yes, I have all chats open     There has been a lot of BS tossed around in this thread   For a group with an average age in their late 40's   there is a lot of high school crap going on
  4. A few comments on PRS  and  Fish Bowl/Gate Raid as they have been mentioned   Just this past Sunday, BL offered to open the PRS  ..   NO ONE CAME Woodstock has a standing offer to open the PRS     I think the server population has taken him up on it 2 or 3 times I tried to get a FB going for darn near 2 weeks   No Interest   Check the server population right now, how many are on?  140?  How many are dual boxing? or triple boxing?   How many ACTIVE members are there in the Guilds that hold spots in the rotation? The terms set for the raid rotation were set at a time when there were more people on the server, and at that time they were set IMHO in a fair and reasonable manner. However things are not as they were then. A spot in the rotation should require more than the ability to do a raid, it should be the ability to do it in a timely manner   Some have said the low server load is due to it being summer time, "It happens every year"  Fair enough, that may be   Why not suspend the rotation until say November, Do the raids as they spawn, as a community  No Dual Boxing, Spawn announced in General not kept a secret   (This will show who is "greedy") In the months between now and then All the guild leaders WITH INTREST in a rotation meet once a week and hash out a new plan If one is even needed
  5. Have an icon at the bottom of the puter "sign up to reserve Windows 10 for free"   Anyone have input on Win10? Did my virus scan miss something? 
  6. GoBB  10:30AM  EST  7/20 Thanks to VGE for the invite of the Pub guys !
  7. RD   approx. 10pm est    7/18
  8. /post loot  <with corpse targeted>  By Credit Kill player Posts loot in local chat for all raiders to see
  9. RD Base  10PM EST  7/16   (per GopheressPS)
  10. Well, it was an Idea Perhaps the Big4 guilds have their reasons.....
  11. Gunney

    Pardon Our Mess

    Kyp, Herd you were interested in observing a few RD Base Raids, do you have a time that's good for you? Im sure we can muster up enough people to 'give you a hand' =)
  12. Guilds have the option to post in their daily message times for the weekly raids, as the 'public Group' we do not have this option. Can we post up times here for expected raid times? And possibly set times so the same groups aren't doing them all the time?
  13. What is your lvl?  RD Fraction?  If you 'just got it' I presume you are in Static? (Its their rotation on troller this week)  Have you asked in your guild?
  14. Don't think they can be appointed, if they post with interest (as Syber and Cia have) then we can 'vote' to approve. also 2 would be enough IMHO, not that I have anything against Zant or Mongo
  15. Having been in 1 DT raid now, Id agree with it being in the rotation
  16. Ive not had an issue in keeping up with the buffs, my issue is not being able to tell when I can buff again, heck Ive even counted Mississippi's between them but if there is any lag I end up canceling the buff  =(  If I give a few extra seconds between Im usually ok, but that's not always possible when the boss is putting the hammer down.
  17. Im talking about the icons in the ship 'control bar'.  Devices have the timer on them but skills do not  =/
  18. Is it possible to add a cool down timer to the shield charging and hull patch icons?   As it is, there is a visual display for these skills to show when compleate. Durring heavy fighting these cues arent always visible.  Add in lag, the shield buff bug (graphic stays on) and group member hull display bug (hull shows 0)  It becomes a pain to know when you can use the skill again.   I have been getting by watching the group members shield/hull display but if another is buffing or hull isnt showing lives are needlessly lost in the great battles.
  19. 1 person farming in paramis for 2 hrs can get as much loot as the 14 guys doing the raid can.  Raids are an inefficient way of making credits. Yes many players have a stupid amount of credits,  But the more Ive thought about it the more I wonder why everyone is asking about a credit sink? As Terrell said above the current system is based on barter, and that's on the high end of things, on low level gear seldom is payment wanted for building items. you simply run around for the parts and bring them to the builder, tips are nice.      But what part of the current system is broken and needs fixing?       And a hat tip to Stoop on the PRS
  20. I have not been out to DT as of yet, but from what I understand the raid there is triggered by certain mob kills and not on a timer correct?   As far as putting it into the rotation I think that would depend on how much interest there is in the raid / time to trigger spawn / time to finnish raid. After the raid is done is there a 'cool down' period or can ya jump into the next process?     As I said I have not been out there, but if its more like GR or FB than Troller/GoBB/RD Base,  and there is no fighting over it why not leave it as is?
  21. Same Breed as Spuds Shame when people cant control or at least instill some training into their animals
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